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Excellence Is Our Mission

PRUDENTIAL Associates is a consulting and solutions company operating since 1972. We offer a wide range of services within the top-level categories of security, digital forensics, cybersecurity, investigations and risk management.

For more than five decades PRUDENTIAL Associates has served the needs of corporate clients, government agencies, and members of the legal community; these clients depend heavily on our company to be their “intelligence and threat management division”, as well as their source for technology expertise. Our investigative and technology professionals are nationally recognized as the preeminent experts in their fields.

We deliver the absolute “best you can buy” in the extreme knowledge and skills market. NO other resource marries professional law enforcement/intelligence agency investigative acumen with the highest skill cybersecurity and digital forensics knowledge the way we do.

Prudential Associates
Digital Forensics

Uncover digital evidence to support litigation and/or compromised assets.

Cyber Security

Assessments, analysis, and protection from all forms of cyber threats.

Cyber-extortion & Ransomware Response

Defend malware attacks and respond to extortion demands.

Investigative Services

Providing all manners and types of investigations and reporting.

Expert Witness Services

Experts in multiple fields ready to testify on your behalf.

Video Editing

Forensic Video services are used to improve the video or determine authenticity.

Off-Duty Police Security

Real police, right where you need them, without the response-time wait.

Litigation Support Consulting

Collaborating with legal teams to demonstrate and amplify strategies for clients.

Data Recovery

Recover lost, stolen, or damaged data.

Governance & Compliance

Create standards and procedures to keep your IT security compliant and a step ahead.

Technology Implementations

Security solutions designed to keep your systems and data safeguarded and operational.


Creating tailored training sessions for you and/or your associates on a range of topics.

Free Security Guides

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