PRUDENTIAL Associates is a globally operating consulting and solutions company, which has been dedicated to providing services and subject matter expertise to clients since 1972. We offer a wide range of services within the top level categories of corporate risk management, physical security, cyber/network security, investigations, digital forensics, and e-Discovery. For almost five decades PRUDENTIAL Associates has served the needs of corporate clients, government agencies, and members of the legal community; these clients depend heavily on our company to be their “intelligence division,” as well as to protect their people, assets, and interests.


International Project Staffing and Monitoring Solutions

Human Resources and Logistics Support

Prudential Associates provides human resource, logistics, and administrative services in high risk countries. We provide the duty of care and HR solutions in areas where companies and agencies cannot rely on the regular support of the UNDSS and other agencies.

We draw our staff from a group of international and local experts. We provide services both for individuals identified by the client, and can assist with the search for such individuals who best fit the needs and terms of reference of the client. We provide employee and duty of care solutions for the duration of the contract.

Our Professionals

Prudential Associates’ top-tier professionals are recruited from the most respected law enforcement, specialized military operations, and intelligence organizations. Many of these professionals include former FBI special agents, former CIA officials, former U.S. State Department officials, and other experts in all aspects of security, computer/cell phone forensics, international crime, and counter-terrorism.