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4 Key Areas of Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are everywhere today. Kids and adults alike seem to be unable to get along without them. Smart phones in particular, are an extension of the body. People use them for everything, from taking photos to storing documents and more.

Of course, this also means the bad guys have these devices, and phones may hold evidence of all manner of illegal activity. It could hold evidence of corporate espionage and worse. Someone needs to stand in the way of these and other criminals. Having forensics specialists with the ability to examine mobile devices with the best quality tools is essential in today’s highly technological world.

4 Key Areas for Mobile Forensic Investigations

The best products which are used in mobile forensic investigations help cover four important areas. Each of these different sections should be able to do a variety of things to help make the job of the mobile forensics specialist much easier.


The decoding tools in the product should help with content decoding and offer the ability to run Python scripts through plugins. Highlighting and parsing text for the decoded entries can be helpful as well, and it may make it easier to track and analyze all of the data.


One of the biggest functions of this type of data is analysis and what it can offer. The best of the programs should have a robust number of features to help with analysis of mobile devices. They should be able to detect malware and viruses, and they should offer analysis of analytics for communications. This can help to identify the relationships between the mobile user and others. It can create a timeline graph, and it can provide export locations.

The software should make it as easy as possible to monitor timelines and to recover deleted files, including images. One of the big myths that surrounds computers and mobile devices is that simply deleting a file, photo, or video is all it takes to get rid of it for good. That is not the case, and someone who has the right program and the right forensic skills can recover all of those deleted files.


One of the things that many forensics specialists dislike is the poor reporting systems that some of the older types of software had. With the newer generations of software, the reporting system is actually quite a bit better. The best will let users generate reports very simply and with just a few clicks. They can also create custom reports in a host of different formats. The ability to create the reports in HTML, XML, PDF, and even Excel is very beneficial, and it makes dealing with reports quite simple.


Something simple but important is confirmation. Do not overlook the importance of confirmation when extracting decoded information from a mobile device. Having a program that offers a good and verifiable confirmation system helps to make the job much easier, and it gives the investigator the peace of mind needed.

Contact a Professional Investigator

The above mentioned concepts are important for prospective clients to understand.  However, the actual work of obtaining and analyzing his data is best left to forensic professionals.

If you have any questions about the use of mobile forensic technology, please contact us today for a consultation or click here to learn more about our mobile investigative services.