5 Benefits of Using Off-Duty Police Officers for Your Next Business Event

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5 Benefits of Using Off-Duty Police Officers for Your Next Business Event


Planning a business event is often a full-time job in itself! There’s the caterer to call, the invitations to print, and the venue to book. Plus, there’s the unpredictable… bad weather, missing electronic cables or projectors, or last-minute additions to the guest list.

To make sure all your hard work pays off and the event is a success, you’ll need to invest in top notch security services. This is one area that should be at the top of your list. If you’ve been wondering who to hire, allow us to explain the reasons why hiring off-duty police officers for your next business event, not only makes perfect sense, but is the way to go.

  1. They Have the Authority to Call For On-Duty Officers

In many ways, police officers are never truly “off-duty.” Unlike non-officer guards, police officers have the legal authority to call on-duty police officers for backup if they believe illegal activity is taking place at an event. Our officers follow the rules set by their police department and only work at business events as is deemed legal and permissible by their respective jurisdiction.

  1. Their Presence Deters Crime

The presence of a police officer, on-duty or off-duty, has the potential to deter crime. When guests see a police officer, they see law enforcement. This provides a sense of security and control to your event.

Studies have shown that police presence in “hot spots” reduces crime rates and can even deter criminal activity. While we’re sure your event won’t be a hot spot, you may still have a large number of people in attendance. The effect is much the same. People see police officers and understand they’re safer; people who might want to commit a crime are sure to think twice.

  1. It Highlights Your Professional Credibility

The purpose of your upcoming business event may vary. Perhaps you’re showing appreciation for your employees and their hard work. Or maybe you’re hosting a networking event and looking for new leads. No matter the reason for the event, it’s still an opportunity to put your best face forward and make a solid impression in your community.

Hiring off-duty police officers is an excellent way to demonstrate your support of your local police department and commitment to safety. Why not polish your professional reputation while providing the highest caliber of security services to your guests? It just makes sense.

  1. It Meets Local Government Policies

Depending on the size, location and your local government’s policies, you may be required to have police officers at your event. Often times, government policies stipulate that you must have a certain number of officers and supervisors at your event. This is especially true if your event takes place in a public place and/or requires a permit.

At Prudential Associates, we can help you determine the best approach to providing security services at your event. While the presence of police officers is not required by law at every event, you’re better safe than sorry. Our off-duty officers will provide the same level of professionalism at every event they service, no matter its purpose or location.

  1. It’s the Right Thing to Do

If you’ve been tossing and turning over who to hire as security at your event, go for the option that offers you the most peace of mind: off-duty police officer services. The knowledge, training, authority, and professionalism they provide is unmatched by other protective services.

Remember: no one attending your event while see the police officers and think “off duty.” Instead, they’ll note the high level of security offered by your organization at the event. After all, when you invest in off-duty police officer security, you invest in the community, your organization’s reputation, and the safety of your guests. Now, that’s the right thing to do.

The Prudential Associates Approach

At Prudential Associates, we specialize in providing the best in security services. This means we only hire security guards who are off-duty police officers. Our officers and project managers are carefully selected to provide a professional, safe experience for our clients and all attendees at their business events. We do not hire officers based on availability; rather we assign the right officer for the right event. Our team understands that our officers represent not only Prudential Associates but also your organization when providing security services at your event.

To discuss hiring off-duty police officers for your next business event, contact us today.