5 Warning Signs You Need a PI to Find Out If Your Spouse is Cheating

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5 Warning Signs You Need a PI to Find Out If Your Spouse is Cheating

If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating, this can be an extremely troubling and emotional time. One of the best decisions you can make is to hire a private investigator to confirm or deny your suspicions.

Before you begin delving into the life of your partner using the help of a professional investigator, observe your relationship for these signs that your spouse may be cheating.

1. Being Secretive about Cell Phone Usage

With the prevalence of smartphones and laptops, there is often a large amount digital evidence of cheating. While you do not want to pry constantly into all of your spouse’s communication, it is not a good sign if your spouse seems to consciously be trying to keep their calls, texts or emails private.

If your spouse becomes jumpy every time the phone rings, or there is a new notification, this is a bad sign. It also does not say positive things about the marriage if your spouse adds new locks and passwords to the cell phone, unless there are legitimate work-related privacy concerns.

2. Erratic Work Schedule

One classic sign of cheating is the excuse of having to work late. The occasional work obligation is not necessarily cause for concern, but changes in work habits can be problematic. For example, if your spouse usually never needs to stay late or travel for work, and then suddenly this is happening every week, this could be a warning sign.

Before becoming worried, ask your spouse about ongoing projects or changes at work. Opening this line of communication can be very good and you can find out if there are legitimate changes at work that do account for the change in work hours.

3. Changes in Appearance

A change in wardrobe and grooming habits can be another troubling sign that cheating may be occurring. If your spouse is suddenly taking more time to get ready to go to work or to go out with colleagues than normal, it is natural to wonder whom they are trying to impress. Pay attention to if your spouse puts a lot of effort into his or her appearance before seeing specific people.

4. Cryptic or Vague Descriptions of the Day

One of the best ways to put your mind at ease regarding what your spouse has been up to is to ask. This does not mean accusing them of cheating or doing anything else they should not be, but instead just asking them questions about their day. Ask about work, and about other things that have been happening outside of work.

The time to be alarmed is if your spouse does not seem to want to give upfront answers to these questions. If your spouse provides short, succinct answers like “fine” or “I was busy”, ask for elaborations when possible. If they still refuse to talk, this can be a warning sign.

5. Trouble Communicating

This leads to the final warning sign: general problems with communication. Pay attention to the way your spouse speaks to you when it is just the two of you. Do they still ask you questions about your day? Look for signs that your spouse seems uninterested or if they seem to actually be avoiding you.

Getting the Help of a Private Investigator

If you feel that you would benefit from knowing for sure whether or not your spouse is cheating, hire the qualified and experienced private investigators at Prudential Associates who specialize in these types of services. If there is an opportunity to improve your marriage, you will not want to jeopardize this by hiring an inexperienced investigator who is unable to be discreet and professional.