5 Ways We Investigate Cheating Spouses in Maryland

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September 25, 2012
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October 9, 2012
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5 Ways We Investigate Cheating Spouses in Maryland

In the world of private investigating we use the term “Jack and Jill” to refer to the men and women that are suspected of cheating on their spouses and are currently under an infidelity investigation. When a private investigator is involved in an infidelity investigation, he is delving into the life of a Jack or Jill with the goal of finding clear evidence to prove that he or she is being unfaithful.

There are many ways that private investigators perform their infidelity investigations, and each investigator has their own favorite method that we utilize while investigating potentially cheating spouses.

The Top 5 Ways We Investigate Jack and Jill include:

  1. Traditional surveillance. Investigators will spend hours watching subjects, following them, and taking pictures and video of their movements and any suspicious behavior. This is an “old school” technique, but it still works.
  2. Video surveillance. Because sitting around watching subjects can add unnecessary time to a case by just sitting around and waiting, some investigators choose to implement hidden cameras to supplement their surveillance efforts. These cameras may be tucked into fake greenery, set in fake rocks, or otherwise positioned around the subject’s home, work, or suspicious location so that their movements and activities can be recorded without the investigator having to be present the entire time.
  3. Computer & Cell Phone forensics. Modern technology has made the job of infidelity investigation much easier for many investigators. This method refers to investigators using the files on a subject’s computer and/or cell phone to collect information regarding him or her. The investigator can access the files, copy them, and then evaluate them carefully in order to analyze the information contained within them for relevance to the case. This can include financial records, receipts for suspicious gifts, emails, or assets that the Jack or Jill is trying to hide.
  4. GPS Units. Some investigators like to install GPS in the cars of a Jack or Jill so that the location of the vehicle can be tracked without the investigator having to wait for hours to see it move. This doesn’t always work, however. Sometime a Jack or Jill will use a different car, leaving the GPS behind before the investigator knows what’s happening.
  5. Dumpster diving. The trash that people throw away can be incredibly telling. A private investigator may gather the trash that has been put out by a Jack or Jill and then analyze it for valuable evidence such as receipts, notes, or even pictures.

While these techniques might sound simple enough, or even something you might try on your own, we don’t recommend it.  If your spouse suspects you, or someone else, is watching, they may become more difficult to detect.

If you live in Maryland or the metro Washington, DC area and would like to find out once and for all if your spouse is cheating on you, contact us today.  Our team of investigators will use techniques such as those outlined in this article to help catch cheating spouses.