8 Ways Prudential Associates Can Provide Legal Support

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January 25, 2017
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8 Ways Prudential Associates Can Provide Legal Support

Are you in need of legal support for your practice? We know the importance of getting timely and accurate information to support your case. At Prudential Associates, we provide your law firm with a wide range of services from criminal and civil investigations, to locating people, financial asset investigations and surveillance. If you are in need of assistance from a company that understands the requirements you have and is dedicated to delivering results, read on to learn more about eight different ways we can help you.

1. We Conduct Criminal Investigations

Our investigative services can be used to uncover the parties that are responsible for a crime in question. With professionals who have a history in law enforcement, we can find and collect evidence, perform interviews, and study the facts to identify and prove the guilt or innocence of criminals. This can help you build a strong case for your clients.

2. We Perform Civil Investigations

The investigators at Prudential Associates have the experience necessary to find all of the relevant facts concerning any type of civil litigation. Depending on the situation, we can track down important records, perform surveillance, take photographs, conduct interviews, and more.

3. We Conduct Qui Tam Investigations

At Prudential Associates, our investigators can assist attorneys working on claims that fall under the False Claims Act. We have experience with assisting both plaintiffs and defendants, and have the skills to collect the necessary evidence and to assist with analysis.

4. We Conduct Interviews and Obtain Statements

With professionals that have years of experience with interviewing potential witnesses and perpetrators, we obtain statements for a variety of different types of cases. We know how to elicit information from a subject that is trying to help, and we understand the techniques that are necessary when a person is less than forthcoming.

5. We Perform Investigations to Locate People

Our investigators have an excellent track record of finding missing people regardless of where they are in the world. To achieve this, we do more than just dig up public records. We have access to resources that can indicate where a person may be, and we can use investigative techniques like the interviewing of associates and surveillance to locate a person who does not wish to be found.

6. We Perform Financial Asset Investigations

We have the resources to investigate the financial assets for individuals as well as small businesses to large corporations. Our investigators can provide you a complete report of the subject’s financial information including assets such as real estate, vehicles, investments, bank accounts, employment, business ownership, and more.

7. We Perform Expert Witness Research

When cases call for the skills of an expert witness, Prudential Associates can assist you with researching the background of experts to make sure that you get the right professional for the case. If the opposition hires an expert, we can also work to research their skills and background to ensure that they are using an individual that is truly qualified to give testimony on the matter.

8. We Conduct Law Investigations and Surveillance

Included in our investigative services, we also offer surveillance for a number of different types of issues. We can investigate and provide surveillance for cases that involve domestic law, fraud, criminal investigations, missing persons, recurrent theft, insurance fraud, and more.

As a professional that needs legal support, you can rely on Prudential Associates to provide you with an array of services focused on getting results. We work with clients all over the world, and we can assist with a wide range of different types of cases. Whether it is criminal law, civil litigation, an insurance investigation, or something else, we are ready to put our skills to the service of your cause.

It’s easy to get started. Contact us today and we’ll analyze your situation, then brief you on our procedures so you know what to expect throughout your investigation. You can count on us to provide you with the professional investigative services you need to get your desired outcome.