A Typical Day in a Cheating Spouse Investigation

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October 31, 2012
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November 16, 2012
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A Typical Day in a Cheating Spouse Investigation

Thanks to forensic-based television shows and movies, people often think that a cheating spouse investigation is a fast-paced journey from one thrilling clue to the next, filled with scandalous and provocative surveillance.

While there are many instances when the findings of the investigation can be shocking and quite interesting, the process of gathering all of the evidence necessary can take a lot of time and patience. As private investigator Jared Stern points out, “the reality is not on TV, not like in the movies. There are no shoot outs, no bikini babes.”

Our goal is fact-finding, not sensationalism

The main goal of an adultery investigator is to gather the evidence needed in order to prove to a court that a spouse has committed adultery. Depending upon the state, this can mean showing clear proof that the spouse has acted inappropriately or shown affection to a third party, and/or the spouse was alone with another person and had the opportunity to be intimate with one another.

In order to gather the necessary evidence, the investigators must make use of innovative technology, be extremely vigilant, and often wait for long periods of time.

Waiting, waiting and more waiting

The typical day for a cheating spouse investigator involves a lot of surveillance. This surveillance can be waiting outside a spouse’s work place for hours, waiting to see where he or she goes after work, or if a co-worker accompanies the spouse. This could also be staking out a hotel or home where the suspected spouse is alone with a suspected lover. Besides watching and waiting, they may need to listen just outside hotel rooms, hide cameras and recorders, or dig through trash to find incriminating evidence.

The majority of an adultery investigator’s day can be spent crouched down behind the tinted windows of a car, surfing the Internet for hours, and waiting for the suspect to appear. The hardest part of the job can be the boredom, and fighting off the urge to leave for a bathroom; this is why great adultery investigators will often have plenty of empty water bottles available in the car.

It is often necessary to videotape or photograph the suspect entering and leaving a hotel or a residence. Occasionally, private investigators will take matters into their own hands and do something drastic such as pull the fire alarm, but normally the investigator is confined to watching and waiting for their suspect to make a move.