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December 21, 2011
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January 18, 2012
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An introduction to digital forensics

Digital forensics can affect anyone who uses a computer or a network to access data. As high profile security breaches continue to make headlines, companies can no longer afford to be in the dark regarding incident response and investigative capabilities regarding the security of their networks.

It has ceased to be a “nice to have” and should now be considered a MUST for all organizations to be proactive about possible incidents and be one financially secure step ahead!

Digital forensic investigators are usually associated with law enforcement investigations. Digital forensic investigators can help:

  • High profile co-operations,
  • Financial service companies,
  • Small businesses,
  • Anyone who requires digital security.

When should I call a digital forensic investigator?

Any time management chooses to pursue a security incident, a strict procedure must be followed to maintain the forensic integrity of the evidence collected and to avoid accusations of prejudice by internal staff involved in gathering and analysis of evidence.

A digital forensic investigation could be necessary when:

  • A piece of digital data, be it malware, software, or anything otherwise unauthorized or unaccountable is found on a network.
  • You are unable to remove the item from your system after failed eradication attempts.
  • Professional investigatory and or digital expertise is required to take evidence to court.

Examples of areas where a digital investigator might be able to help include:

  • Security breaches,
  • System vulnerability exploits,
  • e-discovery,
  • Sensitive data leakage investigations,
  • Security policy violations,
  • Misuse of the Internet,
  • Illegal access of customer data.

How can a digital forensic investigator help me?

To determine your organization’s forensic readiness, it is vital to evaluate the current security posture and analyze technical controls, policies, procedures and skill sets. Prudential Associates can analyze these results and recommend an action plan to fill the gaps identified. This process greatly increases the efficiency of any investigation.

Prudential Associates utilizes proper legal techniques to collect electronic data and mine forensic evidence. For more information about network surveillance in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, contact Prudential Associates Investigations and Digital Forensics in Rockville, MD.