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Asset Determinations

From Prudential Associates Serving MD, VA & DC

Asset Determinations: Today’s legal and regulatory climate can be a minefield for intelligence acquisition efforts regarding bank accounts, stock & bond accounts, real property, and other assets. PRUDENTIAL Associates has the resources and investigative acumen to navigate that minefield legally, productively, and ethically.

We can determine a subject(s):

  • BANK ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/banking institutions, identify account signatories, and determine balances. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
  • STOCK & BOND BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/brokerage institutions, identify accounts, and determine balances and/or portfolio contents. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
  • REAL PROPERTY – There is NO NATIONWIDE DATABASE for determining what real property an individual owns. PRUDENTIAL Associates’ investigators have decades of experience determining the most effective research methodology for each case and executing it thoroughly.
  • MOTOR VEHICLES – PRUDENTIAL Associates can access this type of information for almost every state and several countries around the world.
  • ART and OTHER ASSETS – Believe it or not there ARE some strategies for uncovering wide and varied assets types. Let us devise a strategically sound and tactically promising solution for your case.

What is legal and what isn’t…

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is NOT illegal to perform asset determinations, whether it be a person’s or business’ bank or brokerage account information. Pretexting, fraudulently pretending to be the subject of an asset determination to receive confidential details, IS illegal.

Prudential Associates can perform asset determinations relating to subjects/accounts in the United States AND overseas. We are fair, compliant, and transparent in our approach, which means that we would NEVER guarantee to find 100% of assets every time for you or a client. But, through meticulous research, we estimate an 80 – 95% effectiveness rate at locating all accounts. And every account found moves you or your client one step closer to a favorable outcome or decision.

Email us to receive guidance on estimated costs for this type of research. Every case is unique but Prudential can provide some guides to help justify any investment compared to a possible judgement or claim.

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