Our digital forensics experts at Prudential associates can verify the authenticity of images, video and audio recordings. This includes assessing whether a file was in any way digitally altered after it was generated, as well as investigating whether it was truly generated with the alleged device, at the alleged date and time.

Device Identification

Through meta-analysis of images and audio/video recordings, Prudential Associates can assess the identities of the devices from which the files originated. Device-identification investigations are often integral with respect to court proceedings in which digital evidence is examined; as such, the experts at Prudential Associates have cultivated decades of combined experience in the field, thus ensuring our clients’ expectations are thoroughly met and exceeded.


Improving Image Quality

Through applying a variety of techniques (such as image sharpening, average frame processing, lens correction, blur reduction, etc.), our expert team can enhance the clarity of your entire image or video recording, or of select areas of an image, such as license plates, faces and objects.

Enhancing Intelligibility of Audio Recordings

We can improve the quality of your audio recording by employing various noise reduction and signal enhancement techniques, including reduction of system noise, reverberation, and background noise; correction of sound wave amplitude; and elimination of single or sequential tones. Thereby, our experts can enhance the intelligibility of your audio recording.

Image Analysis

Image Differentiation

By means of scientific analysis and bias mitigation, we can reliably establish the degree of resemblance between persons or objects in images.

Photogrammetric Investigation

Our experts at Prudential Associates can assess the height of a person in an image or video recording using top-of-the-line techniques, providing valuable information about potential suspects or persons of interest.