BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, programs can be very advantageous for companies, and are seeing a vast increase in popularity. The company no longer has the burden of supplying employees with mobile phones, tablets or other devices because they can use their personal equipment. The downside is that when companies forgo this responsibility, they also give up much of their control over company information and face mobile security threats.

Prudential Associates provides expert BYOD security support anywhere in the US, helping businesses and agencies to counteract issues such as cell phone spying, mobile phone tracking and other hazards that could be damaging to the organization. If you feel that your company mobile device set up is being abused, contact Prudential today to receive mobile forensics and BYOD security solutions.

Cell Phone Tracking for the Purpose of Protection

The mobile phone tracking services provided by Prudential Associates are not cell phone spying tactics to be used to find or follow individuals. These services are provided to assist organizations that feel they are the victims of cell phone tracking or spying.

By contacting Prudential Associates, you can reach a mobile forensics expert, and determine which mobile devices are accessing your sensitive company information.

Mobile Security and Mobile Forensics

Cell phone forensics plays a major role in BYOD security support. Mobile forensics involves the extraction, analyzing, decoding and reporting of information that has been transmitted using mobile devices. The investigators at Prudential Associates are highly experienced in the field of cell phone forensics and can quickly track and monitor the data necessary to identify malicious mobile activity.

Advantages of Utilizing Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Tools

When you enlist Prudential Associates to assist with your BYOD security support, you not only benefit from working with professional investigators who have conducted mobile forensics for many years, but also state-of-the-art Cellebrite technology. With a commitment to providing the best possible digital forensics services, Prudential has invested in Cellebrite mobile forensic tools that are powerful, fast, and easy to implement.

Our investigators utilize the UFED Touch Ultimate when conducting cell phone forensics. When identifying and monitoring your BYOD security problem, we are able to:

  • Detect – Using the reverse phone detective feature, we can instantly identify nearly any mobile phone using only a few of the phone’s attributes.
  • Extract – Information such as chat logs, call histories, images and calendar information can quickly be extracted, even if these files have previously been deleted.
  • Report – In order to deal with your mobile security problem within your BYOD network, you will need to have solid, easy to follow evidence. The Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate can be used to generate clear, concise and well-organized reports that can be submitted directly to the appropriate legal professionals.

Why Worry About Digital Security and Mobile Forensics?

Businesses and agencies no longer just have their important information locked away in filing cabinets. This data is now stored digitally, and can be shared in the blink of an eye. This sharing is not always done voluntarily or with the appropriate people. In order to prove that you have been the victim of malicious actions, such as cell phone spying, you are going to need mobile forensics and BYOD security support.

To receive security services due to a problem within your BYOD network, contact the investigators at Prudential Associates. We provide experienced and professional mobile forensics for clients throughout the US.

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