Recover Data to Stop Competition of Former Employees

A member of a family-run communications business left the company. While denying it, the individual started a business in direct competition with the family business. The individual’s computer was identified as an asset of the original company. The individual claimed that no company information was on the computer. Though the computer drive had been completely deleted, reformatted, and overwritten with the installation of entirely new operating systems and applications, PRUDENTIAL Associates was able to recover original database entries crucial to proving the clients’ claims and making their litigation successful.

Inspect Computer Drives to Uncover Evidence

Several managers left an arms manufacturing firm. Within only a few months, they started up a new firm, producing similar products, in direct competition with the original firm. PRUDENTIAL Associates was engaged to inspect the former managers’ computer drives, which had been erased. Evidence was uncovered that business plans and designs for a new firm were taken directly from the original firm;  the new firm was enjoined by the court from offering their products until a sufficient time had passed for them to have produced their own designs. Thus the client firm achieved a level of security to its hard-earned market share.

Analyze Computer Data to Prove an Extramarital Affair

A client suspected her husband was having an extramarital affair. She brought in the family computer for PRUDENTIAL Associates to analyze. Upon examination it was revealed that there had been a consistent pattern of the husband’s user account accessing porn and dating websites over a period of many months, even though steps had been taken to obscure this by deleting Internet history and using a private browsing mode. At the client’s request, PRUDENTIAL Associates followed up with surveillance and documented the husband meeting up with one of the several women he had met on one of the dating websites. Adultery was proven, and the client’s legal claim was proven solidly.

Forensic Examination Finds Evidence in Child Custody Case

A PRUDENTIAL Associates client was involved in a child custody case. Our client suspected that his ex-wife was behaving irresponsibly when she was supposed to be caring for the child. Our forensic team was able to acquire the computer from the father, and a forensic examination was able to acquire numerous explicit pictures and emails that the mother had sent to numerous individuals. The client’s attorney was able to demonstrate to the court that during the time the mother should have been watching the baby she was actually on the Internet. The Internet communications and pictures revealed numerous disparaging comments the mother had made about the baby making her upset while she was trying to chat on the Internet. Based upon this information and surveillance results documenting other conduct inconsistent with that of a responsible parent, legal action was successful in getting the client awarded full custody of the child.

Forensic Team Recovers and Restores Database

A service company had lost a database that controlled all its customer records. An employee had attempted to update the primary computer’s operating system to help him with his work but had inadvertently deleted the customer database in the process. The PRUDENTIAL Associates forensic team created a virtual OSX environment on which the database could be reconstructed once we had identified the data mass. Four of our analysts worked 60 straight hours to recover and restore 100 percent of the data for our client.