Preparation for Presentation in Court

Prudential Associates can prepare your images and video/audio recordings for court, providing you with high-quality clips  that feature the sequences, transitions and speed that suit your needs; we can further transform your files for legal purposes. In images and video recordings, we can highlight and/or label critical information or individuals, or obscure an individual in an image that is to be used in the courtroom. For your audio recordings, we offer extraction services for critical information or individuals, as well as redaction of words or phrases.

Expert Testimony

Drawing on extensive court experience, we can provide expert testimony concerning the results of our forensic investigations into images, video and audio recordings. Additionally, we can further provide support by way of analyzing/scrutinizing opposing witness testimony.

Technical Assistance

The Prudential Associates team has vast experience with digital forensic analysis, as well as with the use of image, video and audio evidence in court. Our experience can benefit our clients directly, through hands on forensic work, as well as indirectly, through the instruction of relevant third parties, including law enforcement & legal personnel, regarding the processes used to forensically examine the various media files and how to properly interpret the results.