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As technology becomes an ever increasing part of our lives, it’s almost inevitable that everyone will experience a hard drive crash at least once, whether it be the result of a logical error or direct physical or external damage. Most people don’t understand that the information stored within these damaged drives can oftentimes be salvaged, leading them to simply seek a replacement and move on. Thanks to modern technological developments and high powered computing capabilities, a broken hard drive no longer means that one’s data is forever gone!

At Prudential Associates we are at the cutting-edge of computer forensics and data-recovery, with over 25 years of experience and top-of-the-line-hardware/software. By way of our high-performance technological capabilities, we are able to recover your deleted, missing, inaccessible, or corrupt data quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our recovery services span:

  • All operating systems;
  • Any make, model, or brand of computer;
  • Any generation of hard drive; and
  • All causes of file loss!

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Most data recovery services will charge you excessive amounts up front, with numerous hidden fees tacked on, potentially costing you thousands of dollars; whether or not your data is worth that much, Prudential Associates offers an affordable solution to data recovery without the hidden fees. Just call us for a free quote, and see how much time and money we can save you!

Prudential Associates offers its clients the unique ability to affordably retrieve all lost data on a drive, or just specific items. Our high-tech forensics tools feature complex data-retrieval functions, along with utilities that allow us to manually access hard drives at their lowest levels! Whether your drive has experienced physical damage (e.g. power surges, water damage, contamination, blunt force, etc.), logical failure (e.g. software bugs, overwriting, etc.), or has been subject to human error, our advanced team of forensic technicians can recover your lost data!

The Process

When you contract Prudential Associates to recover lost data from a damaged drive, the following steps will be taken:

1) Damaged Hard Drive Diagnosis – The most efficient way to start any acquisition process is by first diagnosing the media. By determining which problems are affecting a hard drive, we are able to take a custom approach to most efficiently retrieve your data. At Prudential Associates, we charge a nominal flat-fee of $50 for this diagnostic process, and tell you exactly where and to what degree your drive is damaged. Once your drive has been diagnosed, one of our forensic experts will get in touch with you and discuss which steps must be taken to successfully recover your files, as well as which files you’d like to recover; at this point you will be given a flat fee quote, which will not be exceeded.

2) ATA Password Removal – Our forensics experts are able to recognize locked hard drives and either extract or remove all ATA passwords with ease.

3) Hard Drive Duplication / Image Creation – Once we have access to the content of a damaged drive, our forensics tools begin making an image of its entirety. This process involves extracting every recoverable fragment of data from the drive and storing it onto an external media source.

4) File Recovery – This is the last step involved in retrieving lost data from a damaged drive. Whether you want the entirety of the content of an imaged drive or just select files, everything that can be retrieved at this stage will be. The information you want is then delivered to you in whichever way suits you best, whether it be via our secure server or by mail (on an external drive).

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Call us at: 301.279.6700 | Toll free at: 877.279.6700

The Prudential Benefit

Free consultations and low-cost assessment!

25 years+ worth of computer forensic experience!

All in house lab and expertise!

Extremely fast turnaround time!

No hidden fees!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!  

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