Data Recovery Experts

Are you in need of the services of a professional firm that as a result of data that has been lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or simply deleted? If so, our software and data recovery experts have the software and skills you need to help recover that data and use it in a court of law if necessary. Prudential Associates Investigations provides software and data disk recovery solutions for clients throughout the US and can help customize a solution for your needs.

Introduction to Software & Data Recovery

When suspected of misconduct, the first thing most criminals will do is destroy any electronic records which may potentially be used as evidence. In today’s world, this might mean erasing data from hard drives, deleting sensitive files, clearing browsing history or resetting call logs on mobile phones.

Innocent victims can also lose important data due to the actions of criminals who know how to steal or damage computer data remotely. Fortunately, with the help of our digital forensics team, lost information can be recovered using cutting edge technology for software and data disk recovery techniques.

Data Recovery Due to Physical Damage

It is human nature to experience accidents and mishaps; therefore, devices sometimes are dropped, CD ROMs receive scratches and scuffs, and hard disks are subject to crashes. Sometimes, the physical damage is even inflicted purposely by criminals interested in covering their digital tracks. Regardless of the cause of physical damage, the result is lost access to information.

If the hardware used to store information has been destroyed physically, one might think that any attempt to recover the data would be futile. It might be impossible for the user to retrieve their data, but data disk recovery professionals have solutions that are often successful.

Our team of data disk recovery specialists can retrieve the lost information by repairing the hardware with replacement parts. If repairs cannot be made, special software can be used to create an image of the physical disk, providing a resource that can be used to reconstruct the missing data.

Data Recovery Due to Logical Damage

Logical damaged refers to when data is erased or overwritten. While there are currently no known methods of recovering files that have been overwritten, especially those that have been “scrubbed”, there is plenty of hope for files that have simply been erased, or “trashed”.

There are plenty of software tools available that can be used to recover data that has simply been erased from a device. The same is true for data that has been lost due to a corrupted file system. Specialized data recovery software is available that can retrieve some, if not all, information that has been lost due to a virus or other corruption within the system.

There are many logical damage recovery techniques that can be implemented online; therefore, the technician would not necessarily need to physically be where the system is located.

Prudential Associates utilizes proper legal techniques to collect electronic data and mine forensic evidence. For more information, contact Prudential Associates Investigations and Digital Forensics in Rockville, MD.