Using Cutting Edge Cellebrite Technology

In today’s digitally connected world, when a business or agency faces security threats of any kind, they often enlist the help of a professional mobile forensics investigator. Organizations store and share sensitive information on a daily basis using their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, and this digital communication can provide valuable information for an investigation.

Prudential Associates provides mobile forensics investigations using the most innovative tools and equipment, including Cellebrite cell mobile forensic solutions. If your business or organization is in need of a professional and experienced digital forensics team, contact Prudential Associates located in Rockville, Maryland today.

How is Mobile Forensics Changing?

Businesses and their employees are increasingly becoming mobile. Many companies utilize BYOD (bring your own device) now, allowing their team members to bring their own smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices into work, where they connect to the company infrastructure.

This is convenient for the business and its staff, but it also gives numerous varying devices access to potentially very sensitive information. If you feel that this data is being tracked or compromised by inside or outside forces, it may be necessary to conduct a cell phone forensics investigation.

Using mobile digital forensics, it is possible to extract and organize relevant information from devices in order to identify crime or any other company misconduct. When these investigations are completed correctly, by our mobile forensic specialists in MD, VA, and Washington D.C., it is possible to generate reports that can be instrumental in criminal cases.

Cellebrite Forensic Tools

When it comes to mobile phone forensics, Prudential Associates has once again raised the bar. Prudential is now utilizing Cellebrite forensic technology, including the UFED Touch Ultimate. This innovative digital forensics tool enables our investigators to:

  • Extract all data and passwords, even if they have been deleted
  • Investigate all models of popular cell phones and other portable devices
  • Quickly analyze, decode, and organize large amounts of digital data
  • Utilize a reverse phone detective in order to identify a device
  • Generate and share reports that will assist attorneys and law enforcement officials

Cellebrite is known throughout the world of mobile forensics for providing state-of-the-art, all-inclusive, investigative solutions. If you are concerned that you may have a security risk facing your organization, perhaps due to your BYOD structure, the Cellebrite Touch Ultimate will identify and report the data that you need in order to construct a strong and accurate legal case.

What Types of Data May Be Extracted from Mobile Devices?

Today’s smart phones, tablets, GPS equipment and other mobile devices store a wealth of information, which can be extracted using Prudential Associate’s Cellebrite technology. This includes:

  • Images, including deleted image files
  • Contacts
  • SMS text messages
  • Call logs
  • Calendar information
  • Malware
  • Emails
  • Applications
  • And more

One of the many benefits of using the UFED Physical Analyzer by Cellebrite is that the data can be sorted and organized into chronological order, and conversations can easily be viewed in their original sequence.

Areas Served By Prudential Associates

Prudential Associates provides cell phone forensics on a national basis throughout the United States. Whether you are in need of a reverse phone detective, BYOD security solutions or any other form of mobile forensics, our highly experienced and skilled investigators can assist you with your case.

For more information regarding the mobile phone forensics services provided by Prudential Associates, please contact our Rockville, Maryland offices.

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