Using Cellebrite Technology

BYOD is an increasing trend among the smallest and largest companies and government agencies across the country. It stands for “bring your own device” and refers to employees using their own tablets, Smartphone’s and other mobile equipment for work purposes. The downside to this trend is that it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor how company data is accessed, shared and utilized.

If you suspect that your organization has been the victim of cell phone spying, tracking or any other corruption or threats, you may need to launch a mobile / cell phone forensics investigation. Especially with the rise of BYOD company structures, completing these investigations has become more difficult. Prudential Associations utilizes UFED Touch Mobile Forensics in order to quickly and easily uncover the information you need.

Introducing UFED Touch Mobile Forensics

As it is a major investment, you will only find serious, committed and experienced digital forensics teams utilizing the Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate. This tool is incredibly fast, convenient and powerful, making it a valuable asset within our cell phone forensics investigations.

While this device performs many important tasks, its primary features include:

  • The UFED Physical Analyzer – This tool decodes, analyzes and reports data from the device including files, images, logs and passwords.
  • The UFED Phone Detective – A reliable reverse phone detective is essential when it is necessary to identify a mobile device. Using the reverse phone detective, Prudential Associates in Maryland can identify a cell phone using only the knowledge of a few of the phone’s attributes.
  • The UFED Reader – The UFED Reader generates reports that enable our investigators to put the extracted data to good use. These reports can be saved for future use, and can be provided to law enforcement professionals or attorneys in order to assist with your particular case.

One of the biggest appeals of using the UFED Touch Ultimate for mobile forensics is that it is compatible with over 8,000 different mobile devices, which is a crucial advantage in an area where BYOD practices are becoming increasingly common. This advanced Cellebrite tool can be used to quickly extract and organize mobile device data from the device itself, or from the SIM card, that could potentially be vital to a criminal case.

Making Mobile Forensics Easy

In a world where everyone uses a mobile device, if not multiple devices, you can drown in a sea of digital information, making investigations very difficult. The UFED Touch Ultimate from Cellebrite makes it not only easy to extract essential mobile data, but to also analyze, decode and organize that data into searchable and usable information.

This cell phone forensics tool can extract and decode many different types of information including:

  • Images
  • SMS Messages and Chats
  • Call Logs
  • Contacts
  • Calendar Information
  • Applications
  • Deleted and Fragmented Data

How Can I Benefit from UFED Touch Mobile Forensics?

When Prudential Associates utilizes Cellebrite’s UFED Touch Ultimate to investigate your mobile security threat, we will be able to:

  • Use the reverse phone detective to identify the device
  • Quickly extract large amounts of data
  • Monitor and highlight information of interest
  • Put communications into chronological order
  • Generate reports that can be provided to legal professionals
  • And More

The UFED Touch Ultimate is a power mobile device itself that gives our investigators the ability to efficiently extract and analyze the information you need to protect your organization.

Areas We Serve

If you would like to improve your investigation using UFED Touch Mobile Forensics anywhere in the United States. Contact Prudential Associates to get started.

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