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Cybersecurity & Network Vulnerability Assessment (NIST based)

In the frenetic world of advanced threats omnipresent to companies of all sizes, one of the most proven and effective preventive measures a client can invest in is a network vulnerability assessment. Most malicious hackers attempt to map a network by scanning the system and trying to find possible vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access into your systems.

When you engage with Prudential Associates for an assessment, our team of security experts perform a series of steps designed to give clients actionable information and results. A thorough assessment includes:

  • Conducting risk identification and analysis
  • Identifying the appropriate type of scan (e.g. Network vulnerability, host based vulnerability, wireless vulnerability, application based vulnerability)
  • Configuring and performing the scan
  • Evaluation of possible risks, along with interpretation of the scan
  • Finally, Prudential Associates will create a remediation process and mitigation plan
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