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Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Data Breach Incident Response Services

From Prudential Associates Serving MD, VA & DC

Is there a plan in place for when your company’s network or other systems are breached? For many CISO’s and IT professionals, the day an intrusion occurs or is discovered instills fear of the ramifications. But just like with similar preparations for other worst case scenarios, it’s not only prudent to plan for a breach and incident response, it is likely the difference between survival and insolvency for a business.

If your company is considering developing an incident response (IR) plan, or updating an existing plan in place, Prudential Associates has extensive experience consulting companies at every stage of development of a plan.

We’ll always base our approach off industry-standard frameworks from organizations such as NIST, but our experts will customize a response plan around the operations of your business, as well as future growth plans.

We will guide your team step-by-step through the sequential stages that conclude with the response and recovery and follow-up to a breach. Prudential Associates has certified professionals to assist with the response, as well as any urgent data recovery operations in a time-sensitive manner.

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