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Dark Web Threat Hunting, Intelligence Acquisition and Monitoring

Our Dark Web Threat intelligence services provide information about current or emerging threats that could negatively impact the security and reputation of your organization.

Benefits: Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring/Information Gathering

Implementing our services arms your organization with a comprehensive and responsive approach to cybersecurity that spans both proactive defense and strategic preparedness.

This unique constellation of services offers unparalleled security for your digital assets and reputation. Prudential prides itself in building a well-rounded, resilient and agile security posture in a constantly evolving threat environment.

  1. Comprehensive Threat Readiness: Our framework equips you with the tools needed to anticipate and counteract both external and internal threats. Through Threat Intelligence Services, stay ahead of emerging vulnerabilities and evolving attack methodologies. With Dark Web Monitoring/Information Gathering Services, detect potential breaches and compromised data before they are exploited.
  2. Proactive Insights for Informed Decisions: Gain real-time insights into emerging cyber threats, enabling informed strategic decisions. With early warnings and actionable intelligence, you can preemptively mitigate risks, strengthen your incident response capabilities, and enhance your overall cybersecurity posture.
  3. Early Detection and Rapid Response: Detect potential threats and breaches in their infancy, minimizing damage and unauthorized exposure. Swiftly recover stolen data and take preemptive actions against impending threats, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and maintaining operational continuity.
  4. Strategic Defense against Evolving Threats: By profiling cybercriminal groups and understanding their tactics, techniques, and motivations, you can tailor your defenses to counteract emerging threats effectively. This proactive approach enhances your organization’s resilience against constantly evolving cyber adversaries.
  5. Reputation and Data Protection: Safeguard your reputation by proactively countering external threats that could tarnish your brand image. Minimize unauthorized exposure and misuse of sensitive information, ensuring the trust and loyalty of your stakeholders.
  6. Operational Continuity and Risk Mitigation: With comprehensive threat intelligence and monitoring, you minimize the risk of operational disruptions caused by cyber incidents. Preparedness through our framework ensures that your organization can navigate challenges while maintaining business continuity.
Prudential Associates - Dark Web
Prudential Associates - Dark Web

Types of Threat Intelligence

There are four types of threat intelligence that organizations must gather for an effective cybersecurity defense.

With Threat intelligence/ Dark Web data feeds, you will be able to make:

  • Strategic Decisions: offers high-level information on threats and is usually meant for a non-technical audience, typically at the executive level. It gives the user an idea of what the possible ramifications of a breach could be to better inform their decision-making.
  • Tactical Decisions: provides specific details regarding an attacker’s methodologies, targets, and the tools they use. This information typically goes to technical users, like security experts, and tells them what indicators of compromise (IoCs) they should look for.
  • Technical Decisions: gives both technical and non-technical employees signs to look for that indicate a specific type of threat, including key phrases in email subject lines. This type of intelligence changes often to account for changing attacker tactics.
  • Operational Decisions: relies on gaining intelligence about a specific incoming attack, typically through social media and chat rooms. It can provide more insight to where and when an attacker will hit, which assets are vulnerable, and how an organization can stop the breach before it happens.

Key Offerings for clients:

Internal Threat Intelligence – Intelligence as a service for clients

  1. Periodic Active Directory Audit.
  2. Staff Account Audit – We check on account compromise involving credential reuse on other 3rd Party platforms that have been hacked.
  3. Incident Response Policy/ Incident Response Policy Review (ISO27001).
  4. Security Awareness Training (ISO27001).
  5. Fine tuning SIEM rules and policies to reduce false positives.

External Threat intelligence

  • Zero Day.
  • Security Configuration/Configuration Review – Best security configuration/setting for Customer software (Benchmarking- Audit).
  • Data Analysis on Prudential Associates Vulnerability data – Statistical Results.
  • Cybercrime/Fraud/Cyber-attacks across Africa.
  • Dark/Deep web information gathering (Digital Footprint Intelligence).
  • Publish reports on forensics investigations/analysis on images on trending malwares, also on memory and hard disk samples.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: We conduct rigorous and continuous scans of the dark web, identifying any mentions of your organization’s data or credentials.
  • Stolen Data Recovery: In the event of data breaches, we work to recover stolen information, minimizing potential damage.
  • Undercover Operations: Our experts infiltrate dark web communities to gather intelligence on impending threats and cyber attacks.
  • Threat Actor Profiling: By profiling cybercriminal groups, we provide insights into their tactics, techniques, and motivations.
  • Attribution Insights: We attempt to attribute cyber threats to specific actors or groups operating in the dark web.
Prudential Associates - Dark Web
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