Don’t Fail to Screen Applicants with Foreign Employment History

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December 18, 2013
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January 2, 2014
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Don’t Fail to Screen Applicants with Foreign Employment History

Though there are countless people in this country looking for jobs right now, that doesn’t necessarily equate to an equal number of people who are qualified for the openings available.

Many companies are simply looking for skill sets that a lot of prospective employees just don’t have. While there are plenty of advantages to hiring Americans, often times they simply don’t outweigh their lack of relevant qualifications.

By looking at prospective employees outside of our country, American companies are guaranteed a wider pool of talent to pull from. This can make all the difference in the type of candidate they’re able to hire and, therefore, the eventual success of their business.

Gaining a Greater Perspective

Besides having necessary qualifications, candidates from other countries may also bring a host of other attractive qualities to the table. For example, their perspective will probably be completely unique from their American-raised co-workers. This will affect not just how they see the company and their role within it, but how they view the world as a whole. Outlooks like these can help broaden a company’s horizons.

Potential Blind Spots

Unfortunately, in their excitement to reap the benefits outlined above, many companies simply aren’t doing their due diligence. One of their major oversights is not properly screening these employees, which needless to say is much more difficult than a traditional employee background check. This also applies to American citizens who spent time working, living or learning overseas.

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The Numbers

HireRight recently released their 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report and while the survey indicates that most employers plan to screen global applicants, the results shed light on some disturbing business practices across companies.

Consider first that 55% of the survey’s respondents reported they were actively recruiting candidates who lived, went to school or worked from another country. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, 31% surveyed also reported that they simply do not verify the education or employment backgrounds of these candidates.

Perhaps more troubling still is that only about 23% of that group claimed they would be doing a background check eventually. The rest reported no future plans for verifying a candidate’s claims.

The Importance of Proper Background Screening

There are a number of reasons companies need to set standards and stick to them when it comes to background screening. This is as much an issue when hiring candidates from abroad as it is when hiring American citizens. It does more than just verify a candidate’s claims, though this is obviously very important. It also ensures consistent hiring practices, which can protect a company from accusations of negligent hiring in the future.

With so many options for employee screening, there’s simply no excuse not to.

Of those surveyed by HireRight, 65% reported that they used a background screening provider for this service. So if you don’t have the resources to handle this important task, you can always contact Prudential Associates today at 1-877-279-6700 and request a consultation to discuss how we can help.