File Data Recovery – A Beginners Guide

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December 28, 2011
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January 25, 2012
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File Data Recovery – A Beginners Guide

Have you ever deleted something by accident and thought that it was gone forever?

Chances are to most people that information is long gone. However, there are professional methods, as incorporated by USA Investigators, which allow certain file data to be recovered.  Not all data can be recovered but much of what was once thought loss or deleted can in fact be found once again under professional guidance.

We often see examples of data recovery in the news. In high profile corporate cases where important data has been hidden or intentionally deleted on one or more computers, authorities have been able to recover the information for use as evidence in a court of law, but data recovery doesn’t always have to be this extreme.

Data recovery can also help with simple human error, accidents, technical faults, archiving mass data and any other reasons why data might be lost and is now required to be found.

Where Can Data Be Recovered From?

There are many options of places to recover data from, perhaps more than you have previously considered. But essentially data extraction can be utilized anywhere you store or use data. This can include all sorts of devices you use every day such as:

  • Home or office computer
  • Laptop, notebook or other PC device
  • Smart phone, cell phone or any other telecommunication device
  • Internal or external hard-drives
  • Cameras, video cameras
  • USB and storage devices

Why Use File Data Recovery?

There are many reasons why someone might require data to be recovered. Once the data has been recovered, it will still need to be processed before the data can become useable information.

However, some common reasons to recover data include:

  • To recover lost or damaged data held on computers, cell phones, hard drives and other devices
  • To find hidden or purposely deleted files
  • To find archived data
  • To process the data for use in a court of law as evidence
  • To use the data for its initial purpose before deletion
  • To recover data which can be used in legal matters

It all depends on the fact that data is missing and it is required to be found once more. Data recovery can be applied to almost any instance whereby data has been lost on a computer or similar hardware device under professional guidance. If you are unsure if your data can be recovered, please contact USA Investigators who will be better able to advise you as to whether your data can be recovered and what options are currently available.