Frequently Asked Questions about Surveillance Services

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Frequently Asked Questions about Surveillance Services

At Prudential Associates, we are contacted with many questions regarding how our surveillance services work. People often have misconceptions as to what legal surveillance entails, and they often have images of dramatic spy operations in their mind.

Here, we have put together answers to some of the most common surveillance questions that we receive.

Will you use hidden cameras or listening devices?

When many people think of surveillance, they think of hidden cameras and bugged phone lines. In reality, placing these types of devices in some locations can be a crime and doing so can render the evidence they gather unusable for your legal purposes.

Our investigators never plant any illegal monitoring devices during an investigation. We may use technology in public spaces to document the actions and movements of a person, but we cannot use any devices in areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

What will happen to the information/photos/recordings you collect?

Once an investigation is complete, we deliver a comprehensive report to your attorney. Our firm retains all evidence, any documents, photos, videos or any other data. For the convenience of our client’s counsel, we construct a full report that allows them to easily navigate through a large amount of complicated information.

In many cases, our investigators are hired directly by attorneys. If not, we often recommend having all of the reports and information delivered directly to the attorney representing the case, instead of to the individuals involved in the case. This is to reduce the risk that the client may take action outside of the courts or otherwise use the information in a way that would be detrimental to the ongoing investigation.

How much does surveillance cost?

The cost of surveillance will differ depending upon the unique needs of each investigation. The standard rate to have one of our agents provide surveillance services in the Maryland or Washington, D.C. area is $85.00 per hour, $0.85 per mile driven, and any additional expenses. Click here to read more about our rates.

There are other variables that can affect the total cost of the investigation. These include any special equipment needed, short notice, time constraints, and holidays. Your investigator should keep you well informed regarding costs that are accruing.

Do your investigators ever get caught?

It is exceptionally rare for the person being surveyed to notice one of our investigators. Not only are the members of our team highly experienced, but we use the latest investigative technologies, which allow us to collect the evidence we need while staying discreet.

What should I look for when hiring surveillance services?

While we of course recommend that you choose our surveillance services in Maryland and Washington, D.C., we also want you to be protected if you choose to hire services elsewhere or from other providers. Here are three essential features to look for when choosing an investigator:

Licensed – Most states require that private investigators be licensed. Verify with the licensing agency that the investigator’s license is still in good standing.

Experienced – Ask not just about the general experience of the investigator, but learn about how the investigator has handled cases similar to yours. Some professionals will have specialized skills that pertain more to your needs.

Transparent – Ensure that your investigator will be fully transparent either with you, or with your attorney. Your private investigator should be willing to provide a full report of his or her efforts, and all information that is found.