How a Maryland Private Investigator Can Help Speed Up Divorces Involving Adultery

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January 28, 2013
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How a Maryland Private Investigator Can Help Speed Up Divorces Involving Adultery

Maryland requires a one year separation prior to divorce, but a private investigator may be able to help prove infidelity and speed up that timetable.

Married couples in Maryland are often unaware that there is requirement of a minimum of one-year separation from each other before divorce papers can be filed. Considered a “waiting period”, this one-year separation allows the parties the ability to reconcile before the divorce creates the finality of the marriage.

However, the state of Maryland realizes that marriages that involve adultery can be a delicate situation for the married person not involved in the adulterous affair. Because of that, the state allows a waiver to the waiting period, and allows the divorce to happen as soon as a court date is available, saving both time and money in ending a marriage that is impossible to reconcile.

Hiring a Private Investigator

By hiring a Maryland private investigator, the married party suffering from a spouse committing adultery can quickly obtain all the required documentation to prove the affair in court. The laws in the state of Maryland define adultery as a voluntary sexual act between a married spouse and an individual of the opposite gender not married to that spouse.

Catching an Adulterer in the Act

The court does not need definitive proof of adultery by catching them in the act. The law only requires that there be a specific inclination to commit the act of adultery, and an afforded opportunity to perform it. A Maryland state-licensed private investigator can act as the required third party to legally and privately obtain all the necessary evidence needed for the court system.

Gathering Evidence

A licensed private investigator can easily gather evidence of improper behavior from a spouse. It needs to be nothing more than a public sign of outward affection between the adulterous couple. This might include public kissing, or handholding. This evidence combined with the collection of direct evidence that the couple entered a home or hotel, can show the court the adulterous couple had the opportunity to commit the act.

When the evidence is collected properly, it can show the court the behavioral patterns of the adulterous spouse. This information can have a direct result on the court ordering spousal alimony, child custody and child support to the injured parties.

Recording Phone Conversations Is Illegal

Many times, individuals that believe their spouse is involved in an adulterous affair choose to record telephone conversations to gather proof. However, under Maryland law, specifically the Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, it is a crime to intercept or wiretap a phone conversation. Additionally, it puts the injured party in a bad light to the court, and can have a negative impact on child custody and financial outcome of the case.

There are significant benefits of hiring a Maryland state licensed private investigator to gather evidence against a spouse believed to be involved in an extramarital affair. The investigator can easily gather all necessary documentation and evidence to use in a divorce case to prove the adulterous affair based on Maryland law. By providing legally obtained evidence, the damaged party in the marriage can use the information to their advantage during the negotiation process.

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