How a PI Can Help Security Directors Do Their Jobs

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February 7, 2013
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How a PI Can Help Security Directors Do Their Jobs

No matter how big or how small, every company has valuable assets to protect, and must keep its employees, inventories, and intellectual property safe and secure.  Larger companies often have some type of internally managed security department, or they subcontract with outside security professionals that are often previous law enforcement professionals who have decided to begin working in the private sector, and are led by a security director.

While your security director probably has plenty of experience and qualifications, there is a good chance that person might benefit from the assistance of an independent private investigator.   Let’s find out how.

Saving Your Security Director’s Time

There are many tasks that can be accomplished to improve the safety and security of your company, but day-to-day procedures often have a higher priority. For example, any security system would benefit from a detailed examination and analysis in order to find weak points, but the security director cannot neglect their everyday responsibilities to conduct this analysis.

The answer to this problem may be a private investigator. The PI can do a thorough assessment of the structures and procedures currently in place, while the company’s security professionals go about their normal routines without any distractions. The investigation firm has the time and opportunity to step back, evaluate the situation, and create an effective plan for improvement.

Benefiting From a New Perspective

Even the most qualified and competent security directors may miss potential threats because they are too close to the situation. The director may like to think that they have done such a superior job that they are not very open to the idea that there are problems present.

A third-party private investigator provides the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes. They come into the business without any invested interest and can provide an objective point of view. The private investigation team may also have knowledge of new and inventive techniques that have emerged to which the security directors have not yet been introduced or had the opportunity to research.

Choosing the Right Private Investigation Firm to Improve Your Security

The idea that a private investigator can teach your security directors new methods is important to remember when determining which PI firm you should hire. It is essential to hire professionals that are going to bring services and knowledge that will be of value. If the investigation team is not very educated or experienced, there is a small chance that they will be able to teach your security team anything new or useful.

Therefore, credentials and training are very important to take into consideration. You will want to hire a firm that has in-depth background knowledge of your industry and the types of security problems that your company faces, such as company theft or loss prevention. Private investigation firms that are constantly researching new techniques and technologies, and those that have extensive experience in the field are going to have the largest number of viable solutions to offer your business.

If you really want to enhance the effectiveness of your security director and department, these are the professionals that are going to be able to teach you how to accomplish your goals.   Prudential Associates offers everything from private investigative services to security consulting for clients throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, contact us today for a consultation and to find out if we can help you enhance your security options within your business.