How Mobile Forensics Equipment Allows Investigators to Work with Attorneys and Law Enforcement

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October 14, 2013
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How Mobile Forensics Equipment Allows Investigators to Work with Attorneys and Law Enforcement

The Prudential Associates private investigators in the Maryland & greater Washington, D.C. area have been conducting investigations and working with law enforcement at attorneys for many years.

Our many years of field experience have taught us the best practices when it comes to properly gathering relevant and necessary data in a way which attorneys and law enforcement can use during forensic investigations. Part of these best practices involves researching and incorporating the latest mobile forensics advancements in technology.

As part of our commitment to utilizing state of the art technology, we recently invested in the UFED Touch Ultimate from Cellebrite. This innovative device allows us to more easily and quickly extract and decode information from mobile devices.  In addition, we can analyze data and share the results with authorized personnel, attorneys and law enforcement.

Reducing the Workload of Attorneys and Law Enforcement

Despite what you might assume, the field of digital forensics is not a new field. However, until recently, sifting through and organizing all of the data that can be gathered could be extremely tedious and time consuming.

Additionally, in recent years, people have become increasingly dependent on mobile devices. This can be both good and bad for attorneys and law enforcement when building a case, especially considering that they need access to the wealth of data that is stored on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices. The problem is that trying to find and analyze the relevant data could involve looking through hundreds, if not thousands, of files.

Fast forward to today.  New, advanced mobile forensic tools as the UFED Reader help reduce this hassle and streamline the investigation process.

Introducing the UFED Reader from Cellebrite 

The Cellebrite technology mentioned previously includes the UFED Reader. The primary purpose of this piece of technology is to make it much easier and more convenient to share information with other investigators, law enforcement, private clients or lawyers.

The reader essentially makes the vast amounts of information more readable. Using its analytic features, it is possible to search through the information, looking for relevant pieces of data. The program also makes it possible to bookmark data that you would like to return to later.

Using the UFED Reader, private investigators can now more readily:

  • Generate reports that organize, analyze and summarize the information they are looking for.
  • Export these reports into different formats including Excel, PDF, XML and several others.
  • Customize these reports to fit the needs of the attorney or agency.
  • Store and share information pertaining to the investigation with authorized persons. Projects can be saved at any stage and revisited when needed.
  • Transmit partial or completed reports in order to keep the lines of communication open with law enforcement and/or attorneys working on the case.

With the help of advanced mobile forensics technology, many of the barriers that once existed between investigators and legal professionals are slowly coming down. If you have further questions about mobile investigations or the use of this new technology please contact us today.