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Husbands and wives have used some pretty creative methods of their own to catch a partner who is having an affair.  From checking their text messages or most recent calls to intercepting phone conversations by bugging landlines, the sad reality is that some people will cheat no matter what.

Of the many questions that we are asked in our line of work, the question of money does always seem to come up.  Many people have an inkling (or think that they do) about what is happening with their partner, but they haven’t been able to get a solid line on what exactly is going on, or what the extent of the affair is.

What they are looking for is a professional agency, like Prudential Associates (of course), to help give them the definitive answer that they are looking for.  Even one small bit of evidence might prove to be the final push that they need to leave a live-in partner or spouse and ultimately file for divorce.

How much should a cheating spouse investigation cost?

The question we always get is: how much would it cost to employ such services?  The answer isn’t always black and white and varies greatly on your specific situation.

We’ve had a client who paid us $35,000 to have her husband followed for a number of weeks, only to determine that he wasn’t engaging in any extramarital affairs.  While not all of our clients can afford this level of personal surveillance, there are other things that can be done to catch a cheating spouse which do not require such a large budget.

The truth is that a good investigator will be able to customize a pricing structure for you depending on what your financial requirements are.  If you can’t afford much but need professional services, then call us to find out what we can do for you.

We’ve employed any number of creative tactics for our clients who were on a budget, including leaving an innocent looking rock (with a hidden camera inside of course) outside of the suspect’s home to catch a husband with a wandering eye.

Always be mindful of quality over cost

It is worth mentioning that we haven’t had a client yet who has voiced a concern with the quality of service that they get with Prudential Associates, and there are many reasons for that.  Mostly it stems from being able to finally put to rest the issue of a spouse cheating, regardless of whether or not the outcome is good.  But truly, clients deserve peace of mind and our investigative services provide them with exactly that.

Call Prudential Associates today for more information on our rates and services in cases where you may suspect spousal infidelity.

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