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How Personal Investigators Locate People

Obviously, the more information you have on another individual, the easier it will be to find them. Unfortunately, there are many times when even having lots of information is not enough to simply use the Internet to locate another individual. Even though the Internet has the ability to provide valuable free information, there are usually special circumstances that require hiring a PI (private investigator) to locate an individual.

It might be that you are attempting to locate a biological relative after losing touch. You may be trying to find an old friend, or a long-lost flame, as a way to regain a meaningful relationship. In other cases there may be other important reasons, such as a way to serve papers or locate a witness.

Many individuals spend hours or days attempting to find someone using the Internet including Facebook, Google, or social networking sites. Many “pay for information” sites are extremely expensive, and usually just spew outdated data that has no useful purpose. Finding inaccurate data or outdated information usually just means the process has to start all over again from scratch. After exhausting all other avenues, or simply not understanding the tricky online tools available, it is usually time to hire a PI.

Locating a Witness

Anytime anyone needs to locate a witness, an experienced private investigator can usually help. They have the skills, training and expertise necessary to gain access to reputable professional databases, which are usually unavailable to most individuals in the general public. These highly reliable databases allow the PI to discover valuable information from the useless data in an effort to find the witness as soon as possible.

Trying to Serve a Subpoena

Many times, “slippery” individuals become suspicious when they believe that someone is attempting to serve them a subpoena or papers. Usually, private investigators will utilize a proven combination of highly effective investigative services, along with using old-fashioned surveillance to serve court papers.

Finding Family Members

Families often attempt to locate siblings, parents and grandchildren when they have lost touch. This is often a result of a family feud or other personal issues. They strive to find these individuals as a way to help rebuild family ties. Sometimes, private investigators are hired as a way to locate biological relatives that have moved away to an address unknown. For whatever reason, a private investigator can usually find out if an individual is still living, and where they live or work. Sometimes the investigator can provide phone numbers or current addresses within just a few hours.

It is true the Internet can usually provide enough information that nearly 50% of all individuals can be found. However, it is the other 50% that require the skills of a PI to find these people.

Usually, a PI is highly successful when they have four basic pieces of information. These include the individual’s uncommon or common name. An uncommon name usually makes it easier for the individual to be found using nothing more than a professional computer-based search. Additionally, the private investigator requires the individual’s Social Security number, along with the date of birth and a last known address that is no more than 10 years old.

With simple information, the private investigator can usually find the individual. However, it may take an extensive amount of time to use traditional old-fashioned footwork when the Internet or private PI databases fail to produce results. With some effort, skills and expertise, a PI can usually locate nearly any missing individual.

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