How Social Media Monitoring Saves the Big Day at Celebrity Weddings

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January 3, 2017
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January 25, 2017
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How Social Media Monitoring Saves the Big Day at Celebrity Weddings

Today, the average American has greater access to popular brands, companies, and individuals more than ever before. The rise of social media allows us to communicate with some of our favorite organizations and celebrities with the click of the mouse or tap on the screen.

It’s easy to follow along with celebrities’ daily lives on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, and we’ve become accustomed to this “up-close and personal” sort of access. However, there are personal events, such as weddings, where an unwanted publication on social media can pose real challenges.

The Challenges of Social Media and High Profile Events

Sure, it’s become custom to create a hashtag to share wedding photos and videos, but there are some instances when a plethora of images shared online is the last thing the bride and groom want. Before the dawn of social media, it was relatively easy for celebrities to prevent the “leakage” of wedding photographs to the world with on-ground security. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to snap a subtle photo with a smartphone camera.

While these photos may have been taken with good intentions, they create big problems when one media client has specific rights to the event’s videos and photographs. Celebrities will typically choose to work with one magazine, website, photographer, and/or television program production company to document the wedding. A simple Instagram post can put those rights at risk.

It isn’t uncommon for high-profile individuals to request that guests refrain from social media posts during the event. However, as you can imagine, preserving the rights of the media clients (and the wishes of the bride and groom) becomes a challenge when there are hundreds or thousands of guests. A polite request to behave well and respect everyone’s wishes often does not cut it.

So, how do celebrities keep images of their wedding or other special events off social media? They use social media monitoring and surveillance. This process encompasses much more than following hashtags and refreshing popular social media platforms.

Instead, they need intelligent and powerful monitoring services, which can scour the web and social media platforms and identify potential threats to media rights and privacy at a moment’s notice.

The Prudential Associates Approach to Social Media Monitoring

Prudential Associates’ Social Media Monitoring is used to monitor social media updates as they are created and published. On-ground security personnel communicate in real-time with our human-intelligence analysts who work with top-of-the-line software. Any status updates or postings that share confidential data are immediately communicated to onsite ground-based security resources.

Our human-intelligence analysts are able to identify from where the video or photograph was taken so that on-ground security personnel can determine who has violated the event’s social media policies and take corrective action. This type of social media monitoring can be performed from any location by our remote analysts and may also be extended to provide event security services as well.

Our social media monitoring services range from comprehensive tracking and surveillance of 500+ social media platforms, blogs and deep web content to concentrated analysis of targeted networks. Trip wires are set to identify and collect key data such as phrases, names, locations, and keywords. Once a trip wire has been set off, real-time alerts are sent out of identified risks or threats. These alerts are customizable in their delivery.

Social media monitoring is an important tool for protecting media rights and brand reputation. This resource may be used in any type of event monitoring to increase safety and assist on-guard security personnel. To discuss how social media monitoring can be used at your next event, contact Prudential Associates.