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August 29, 2012
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September 12, 2012
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How Thorough Is Your Investigator?

When it comes down to catching a cheating spouse or conducting a full scale corporate investigation, sometimes it takes a whole lot more than just taking a few pictures and following someone home from work.  In all honesty, we have seen our fair share of fly by night operations that make promises based on experience but really end up coming up short.

The importance of experience

When you’re looking for an investigator, whether it is for domestic reasons or criminal purposes, you need a firm who is going to be able to think outside of the box.  From hours spent monitoring a house, to pulling the fire alarm in an apartment building to force a suspect to vacate, we’ve employed some pretty creative approaches towards our cases.

Catching a cheating spouse isn’t just about what you see anymore.  Sometimes, it is about what you don’t see.  With the introduction of devices like the iPhone and iPad, we have seen an increase in the number of digital forensics that are required and presented in a court of law.

Covering all the angles

While many firms rely on simple surveillance to catch a crook or a cheating spouse, the truth is that surveillance just isn’t enough these days.  Sure, getting an incriminating picture of a husband holding hands with a woman who isn’t his wife might be damning evidence, but it could be easily dismissed were it not for the deleted emails that an expert investigator was able to retrieve from a work laptop or a personal computer.

A thorough investigation involves all aspects of the “crime scene”, whether it is going through the trash on garbage day to find a receipt for a bouquet of flowers sent to a mistress or planting hidden cameras in an effort to capture an illicit act.

The truth is that any investigator might be able to watch and follow the subject, but a great investigator will dig deeper than that, taking into consideration all of the different avenues in which people are unfaithful, or commit crimes.  From text messages on a smartphone to large, deleted child pornography databases, it takes much more than scratching the surface to create a case that will hold up in a court of law.

Does your investigator have what it takes?  If you’re looking for unparalleled forensic investigation, then pick up your phone now and call Prudential Associates.  Our state of the art procedures mean that you’re getting nothing but the very best in investigation and analysis.  If you need to build a solid case, then make Prudential Associates your first and only call.