International Project Staffing and Monitoring Solutions

Prudential Associates has decades of experience in providing project and program management support in high risk countries. Our successful past operations include: management and staffing presence at multiple Olympic games; hostile environment commercial risk management operations; management and security presence at major international sporting events; anti-piracy deployments; global media productions; security and staffing presence at numerous multinational government security management events (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference APEC & Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting CHOGM); and coordination, management, and staffing of long-term remote-location commercial operations, both with our own personnel and as an HR and logistics agent.

Our staff has a comprehensive base of qualifications to cover various tasks, including accounting, evaluation, project management, monitoring, training, and capacity building. Over the decades we have built a worldwide network of vetted partners that we can draw from to provide local and immediate solutions. Our operations are conducted in accordance with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) protocols and practices, and adhere strictly to the International Code of Conduct of the Montreux Paper Forum.

Human Resources and Logistics Support

Prudential Associates provides human resource, logistics, and administrative services in high risk countries. We provide the duty of care and HR solutions in areas where companies and agencies cannot rely on the regular support of the UNDSS and other agencies.

We draw our staff from a group of international and local experts. We provide services both for individuals identified by the client, and can assist with the search for such individuals who best fit the needs and terms of reference of the client. We provide employee and duty of care solutions for the duration of the contract.

We have experience in the following:

  1. Being a licensed provider of security services;
  2. Fully mobilizing and providing mobilized on-the-ground around the world;
  3. Recruiting, deploying, and managing international consultants;
  4. Providing insurance and liability coverage for employees under our duty of care;
  5. Having a proven track record of consistently providing top-quality service.

Program Management and Monitoring Support

Prudential Associates provides for verification, monitoring, and reviewing of projects and contracts in high risks environments for our clients where access is limited. We draw our staff from a group of international and local experts to ensure the right mix of knowledge. We provide:

  • Monitoring and verification of disbursements, procurement, human resource management, and financial management;
  • Physical Progress Monitoring of projects in difficult to access areas;
  • Integrated reporting and quality control tools for our clients;
  • Local presence (where needed);
  • Capacity building activities and training to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Expertise of Our Staff

Some of the top-level staff categories available through Prudential Associates are listed below. Drawing on our global operation experience, we have the ability to provide staffing and management solutions for the following categories, as well as their various subcategories.

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Back-end Software Development Professionals
  • Bush, Jungle, and Mountain Guides and/or Flora and Fauna Experts
  • Business Continuity Experts
  • Corporate Staff/Executive Relocation Consultant
  • Cyber-security and Incident Response Experts
  • Demolition Professionals
  • Digital Forensics Experts
  • Diplomatic Protection Professionals
  • Disaster Recovery Professionals
  • Electrical Contracting and Cabling Staff
  • Emergency Medical Staff
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Safety and Regulatory Compliance Experts
  • Fire Safety/Systems Experts
  • Firearm Safety Experts
  • Front-end Web Software Development Professionals
  • General IT Support Staff
  • General Office Administrators
  • Helicopter Pilots
  • Intelligence Operation Experts
  • Law Enforcement Professional (sworn/active and retired)
  • Legal Staff
  • Local Facilitators
  • Local Government Liaisons
  • Local Guides and Wildlife Experts
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Mountain Climbing Guides
  • Movie and Television Production Experts
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Experts
  • Ocean Vessel Captain and Crew
  • On-set Production Safety Professionals
  • Programmers/Coders
  • Risk Management Experts
  • Rope Work Experts
  • SCUBA Experts and Dive Safety Staff
  • Security Experts
  • Self-defense Trainers
  • Software Development and Information Technology Operations (DevOps) Experts
  • Special Military Operations Staff
  • Stunt Coordinators
  • Stunt Drivers
  • Stunt Staff
  • Surveillance Professionals
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-measures (TSCM) Experts
  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Transport and Logistics Professionals
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone Operators
  • Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainers