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Prudential Associates has run surveillance operations for decades. From small one and two-man operations for domestic/infidelity matters to multi-agent/target projects with some requiring arial elements and/or automated electronic and digital surveillance enhancements. We have executed surveillance operations in every type of civil, criminal and intelligence acquisition project there is.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to arrange a consultation.

Prudential Associates - Investigative Services

Additionally, we can provide vehicle tracking using GPS devices and/or rent these systems to clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Prudential Associates also has computer experts that utilize proprietary software to monitor activity and identify perpetrators of digital crimes.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to arrange a consultation.

Background Checks

The growing prevalence of low-cost, click-to-order background checks has created damaging misconceptions of the usefulness and accuracy of critical results. Upon closer examination, these cursory investigations contain irrelevant, incomplete, and inaccurate information. Sadly, too many consumers don’t know what to truly expect from a professional, authentic background check.

Here are the facts. Real background checks consist of a combination (or all) of the following:

  • Criminal history via court records research in ALL relevant jurisdictions
  • Civil court records research in ALL relevant jurisdictions
  • Traffic/driving records research in ALL relevant jurisdictions
  • Verification of education, work history, certifications, training, and ALL other relevant claims
  • Interviews of references, former employers, co-workers and, perhaps, current and former neighbors
  • Credit and financial condition research
  • If appropriate, surveillance to document activities and their consistency with claims.

The only authoritative source of information found in a background check comes from the National Criminal Information Computer (NCIC) system which is only accessible by law enforcement professionals. Reporting from any other resource provides outdated and unreliable data.

Prudential Associates understands the shortcomings of database resources and carries out research in ALL appropriate jurisdictions. Our years of experience providing thorough background check services provide peace of mind that you or your client will be consulted with accurate and up-to-date information.

Asset Determinations

Today’s legal and regulatory climate can be a minefield for intelligence acquisition efforts regarding bank accounts, stock & bond accounts, real property, and other assets. PRUDENTIAL Associates has the resources and investigative acumen to navigate that minefield legally, productively, and ethically.

We can determine a subject(s):

  • BANK ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/banking institutions, identify account signatories, and determine balances. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
  • STOCK & BOND BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/brokerage institutions, identify accounts, and determine balances and/or portfolio contents. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
  • REAL PROPERTY – There is NO NATIONWIDE DATABASE for determining what real property an individual owns. PRUDENTIAL Associates’ investigators have decades of experience determining the most effective research methodology for each case and executing it thoroughly.
  • MOTOR VEHICLES – PRUDENTIAL Associates can access this type of information for almost every state and several countries around the world.
  • ART and OTHER ASSETS – Believe it or not there ARE some strategies for uncovering wide and varied assets types. Let us devise a strategically sound and tactically promising solution for your case.

What is legal and what isn’t…

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is NOT illegal to perform asset determinations, whether it be a person’s or business’ bank or brokerage account information. Pretexting, fraudulently pretending to be the subject of an asset determination to receive confidential details, IS illegal.

Prudential Associates can perform asset determinations relating to subjects/accounts in the United States AND overseas. We are fair, compliant, and transparent in our approach, which means that we would NEVER guarantee to find 100% of assets every time for you or a client. But, through meticulous research, we estimate an 80 – 95% effectiveness rate at locating all accounts. And every account found moves you or your client one step closer to a favorable outcome or decision.

Email us to receive guidance on estimated costs for this type of research. Every case is unique but Prudential can provide some guides to help justify any investment compared to a possible judgement or claim.


As the variety and volume of cybercrimes grow each year, cybersecurity investigations have become both more common and critical. The investigative process consists of investigating, analyzing, and recovering critical data from the network(s) involved in the attack in order to identify the perpetrators. An investigation includes the following:

  • Analyzing Malware:. ‘Malware Analysis’ refers to the process by which the purpose and functionality of the given malware samples are analyzed and determined. Information from a malware analysis provides insights into developing an effective detection technique for the malicious codes. Additionally, it is an essential aspect for developing efficient tools which can perform malware removal from an infected system.
  • Digital and Forensic Investigation: Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science focused on the recovery and investigation of artifacts found on digital devices. Any devices that store data (e.g., computers, laptops, smartphones, thumb drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc.) are within the gambit of digital forensics.
  • Cyberstalking Investigations: Cyberstalking involves the use of electronic communication devices to threaten, harass, or otherwise stalk an individual. Prudential Associates has several tactical options and numerous resources which may be productive in these matters. Prudential Associates can assist with all stages of a cyber investigation, including:
  • Situational assessment and background check.
  • Conducting the initial investigation, beginning with information gathering. Question’s we aim to answer include:
    • Were these crimes limited to US jurisdiction?
    • What evidence is there to collect?
    • Where might the physical and digital evidence be located?
    • Does any of the evidence need to be photographed/preserved immediately?
      • How can the evidence be preserved and maintained for court proceedings?
  • Identifying possible evidence, which includes collecting digital evidence.
  • Securing devices and obtaining necessary court orders.
  • Analyzing results with a prosecutor and concluding the investigation.

Cyber-Stalking - Harrassment

Any occurrence of digital harassment or cyberstalking not only elicits undue damage for victims, but we also recognize the emotional toll that it produces. Cyberstalking and/or harassment involves the use of an ever-expanding list of technologies to stalk victims. 1 in 4 victims of stalking reported some form of cyberstalking, with the most common methods being email and text messaging. The rapid growth of social media over the last decade has exponentially increased the venues and ways in which stalkers can harass victims.

If you have been a victim of cyberstalking, Prudential Associates offers in-depth investigative services to either find a perpetrator, or ascertain evidence for use in a criminal or civil proceeding.

Prudential Associates Services

These services extend to individuals as well as companies seeking recourse. Our team of forensic investigators utilize advanced methods and technologies to recover or preserve incriminating evidence, such as emails, text messages, and messaging via online messenger platforms.

Locate Investigations

Prudential Associates has provided locate investigation services for over 50+ years. At an hourly rate of $95.00 (not including travel and additional expenses), we not only employ intelligence acquisition services to determine a current address, we also verify that the subject actually resides at or is employed at that location. We will never provide an upfront total cost for an investigation due to the variability of factors that determine the investigation duration.

Any service provider that charges flat rate “locates” will often deliver incomplete solutions. Prudential has performed thousands of locate investigations, and uses historical data to help guide your decision to work with us.

Prudential Associates

Fraud Investigations

When you or a client finds oneself impacted by the damaging effects of fraud, Prudential Associates has extensive experience conducting investigations that lead to the identification of suspects and/or demonstrable evidence for use in civil or criminal litigation. Depending on the type of fraud that has been committed and the method by which it was perpetrated, Prudential Associates team of investigators will diligently follow discrete procedures and processes designed to produce favorable outcomes for our clients.

Beginning with an initial interview and exploratory discussion to ascertain the nature and scope of the alleged fraud, we determine an effective strategy to obtain prudent evidence that authenticates the crime. Our mission is to provide you with the type of support that achieves your desired outcome; whether that is producing evidence for trial, or to identify a suspect(s) leading to further action by law enforcement professionals. Our staff is composed of former law enforcement officials and investigators with the collective experience to confront even the most advanced and complicated degree of frauds.

Genealogical Research and Family Tree Building

Prudential Associates conducts a wide range of traditional and genetic genealogy services. Our experienced genealogist can build extensive family trees leveraging our own investigative research and that from sites such as Ancestry, 23andMe, and FamilySearch.

Our genetic services include identifying unknown biological parents using DNA from commercial databases along with FTDNA and GEDMatch. Our staff employ similar methodologies to assist law enforcement agencies to identify John and Jane Does or suspects of violent crimes.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to arrange a consultation.

Prudential Associates - Geneology

Social Media & Internet Investigations

An expanding ecosystem of social media and digital communication platforms and users creates continuously evolving threats from a variety of bad actors, hackers, and malicious groups. Prudential Associates has a Certified Social Media Intelligence Experts (CSMIE) on staff to assist clients with a spectrum of services. Prudential offers 2 levels of research:

Level 1: We gather, organize, and provide all open source material and digital information by or about a subject (person or corporation). Sites and social platforms include, but are not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, etc;

Level 2: All activities from level 1 plus an exhaustive and expert analysis of all materials gathered.

In addition, we provide social monitoring and listening services for clients enabling you to keep close tabs on specific subjects or topics and tracking available updates.

Keep in mind, social listening services are time intensive and Prudential Associates makes no representation or claim to find and/or document 100% of the available online information. Any potential client should clearly define the scope of expected services prior to contacting us in order to facilitate efficient and comprehensive work.

Corporate Investigations

Prudential Associates specializes in all aspects of corporate intelligence acquisition, security crisis response, sensitive due diligence inquiries, intelligence analysis, risk assessment, security surveys, executive protection, and crisis management. Prudential Associates’ operations utilize an international network of highly experienced security specialists and investigators that are particularly adept in gathering  accurate risk assessment information and intelligence.

Our crisis response network consists of current and former professionals from various law enforcement, intelligence, and military organizations, both in the United States and overseas. Their portfolio of experience includes, but not limited to: international crime and terrorism, kidnapping, extortion, organized crime, counter terrorism, and executive protection.

Prudential Associates Services

Our solution implementation activities are conducted in a  responsible and cost-effective manner , while also assuring clients the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our multi-disciplinary team provides clients of the best possible advice and service related to the following:

Internal Security Investigations
Prudential Associates identifies culprits of waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in large corporations and small businesses.

Due Diligence Investigations
Prudential Associates provides business intelligence to assist with issues relating to merger and acquisition, compliance, and performance verification.

Crisis Management/Response & Risk Mitigation
Prudential Associates conducts risk assessment, contingency planning, operational planning, and crisis response services for our clients. We do not just consult in the planning stage, but we are also there to address an emergency when it occurs. Our worldwide network of intelligence agents and security professionals gives us the ability to respond quickly with local intelligence and resources.

Executive Protection Operations
Prudential Associates provides personal protection services for business executives, celebrities, political figures, and high net worth/high profile individuals. We facilitate secure, expedited travel and provide overt/covert event security anywhere in the world.

Security Awareness Programs
Prudential Associates conducts employee training to increase security awareness and security compliance in companies to safeguard information, personnel and other assets.

Undercover Operations
Prudential Associates engages in the use of trained undercover operatives to identify violations of company policy, to identify persons whose actions are contrary to those of our client and to identify programs, policies, and procedures that are against our clients’ proprietary interests.

Security Surveys
Prudential Associates conducts security surveys to identify anything that adds to our clients’ liability and makes recommendations to reduce or eliminate those liabilities.

Counter-Intelligence Operations
Prudential Associates designs and runs operations to identify counter-intelligence weaknesses, identify insiders and/or outsiders engaged in intelligence gathering targeting our clients, and implements programs to “harden the target.”

Background Investigations
Prudential Associates conducts pre-employment, pre-litigation, and other types of background investigations.

IT and Electronic Crimes Investigations

An increase in the types of electronic crimes, and methods of perpetuating them, render many individuals and businesses vulnerable to complicated attacks that leave them exposed to damaging consequences. Our expertise in managing and mitigating investigations for clients results in actionable intelligence for further proceedings, evidence with established chain of command, and resolution of clients stated goals. 

If you have been the victim of an electronic and/or IT crime, or are representing victims seeking compensatory damages, Prudential Associates can assist with every stage of an investigation.

Prudential Associates

Litgation Support & Other Services

Prudential Associates has worked on numerous cases that involved coordination with law enforcement and governmental/regulatory agencies. Several of our forensic examiners are former law enforcement and have well-established relationships with colleagues in area law enforcement agencies. As a result, they are able to effectively collaborate with police as necessary. Prudential Associates also acknowledges that in these cases, we must coordinate with our client and their counsel to ensure that before anything is released to law enforcement, that it has internal legal approvals.

Litigation Support Consulting

In addition, we provide criminal, civil, Qui Tam (False Claims), and financial assets investigations. We can also conduct interviews and obtain statements from witnesses, as well as researching expert witness information to locate appropriate expert witnesses (including many of our investigators and examiners on staff). Contact us with any questions or to arrange a consultation.

Armed Executive Protection & Security

Physical threats to corporate executives have become more prevalent in society today due to often executives’ public presence but also increasingly due to the adoption of social media platforms to espouse unpopular opinions and decisions. With the alarming rise in digital threats made against leaders at companies, the ramifications often spill into the physical world when malicious actors target executives at public spaces and their private residences.

When a threat is made, or even out of extreme caution, it becomes time to provide executives with armed protection and comprehensive security. Prudential employs active off-duty law enforcement professionals and in certain cases, retired military veterans to provide all manners of armed protection for high-profile individuals, including round-the-clock security detail if necessary. Don’t leave the well-being of your executive team and continuity of your operations to chance.

Investigative Services
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