We have assisted local attorneys, corporations, and individuals with asset determinations for 45 years; however, we now have an even greater arsenal of resources in the war on uncollected judgments.

Today’s legal and regulatory climate can be a minefield for intelligence acquisition efforts regarding bank accounts, stock & bond accounts, real property, and other assets. PRUDENTIAL Associates has the resources and investigative acumen to navigate that minefield legally, productively, and ethically.

Have us determine a subject(s):

    • BANK ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/banking institutions, identify account signatories, and determine balances. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
    • STOCK & BOND BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS – We may be able to locate the accounts/brokerage institutions, identify accounts, and determine balances and/or portfolio contents. Additionally, we may be able to determine account transaction activity, recent and historical.
    • REAL PROPERTY – There is NO NATIONWIDE DATABASE for determining what real property an individual owns. PRUDENTIAL Associates’ investigators have decades of experience determining the most effective research methodology for each case and executing it thoroughly.
    • MOTOR VEHICLES – PRUDENTIAL Associates can access this type of information for almost every state and several countries around the world.
    • ART and OTHER ASSETS – Believe it or not there ARE some strategies for uncovering wide and varied assets types. Let us devise a strategically sound and tactically promising solution for your case.

It is extremely important that research regarding the above assets be conducted via legal and ethical means. We are always cognizant of our responsibilities in this regard to you, your client, the subject of the research, and the public in general. Our conduct in accordance with these beliefs is what has earned PRUDENTIAL Associates the trust of the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia legal communities over the last 40 years and why we continue to serve so many of you.

What is legal and what isn’t…..

Here are the facts: It is NOT illegal to do asset determinations. It is NOT illegal to determine a person’s or business’ bank or brokerage account information. It is NOT ILLEGAL TO DO OR HAVE IT DONE FOR YOU.

It IS, however, illegal to do it by pretexting anyone. Pretexting is contacting a person or financial institution and pretending to be someone other than who you actually are in an effort to convince them to provide you with private financial information. When pretexting is done, the person generally pretends to be the subject of the asset determination (the account holder). It IS illegal to do and we do not do it…. Period! In case you did not know, YOU the customer buying that information can be charged criminally if it is obtained via illegal means. That’s right, YOU can be charged or sued and claiming that you had no idea how it was being done will not work as a defense.

There are a multitude of LEGAL strategies to obtain bank, brokerage, and other asset related intelligence. Some are very creative and confidential (though still legal), some very simple and not very glamorous, such as trash pulls and surveillance.

Here is the bottom line: We can do asset determinations and do them legally so as not to imperil you or us.

You should know that we can do asset determinations relating to subjects/accounts in the United States AND overseas. You should know that executing this kind of asset related intelligence acquisition in ways that comply with all laws and applicable regulations makes this work labor intensive and, therefore, quite expensive. If you are looking for cheap asset determination research, then you are looking for illegal (and even then it is usually expensive) research that is not thorough in any real sense. As is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

You should know that there is no such thing as an asset determination in which a responsible company would guarantee to find 100% of assets every time. Such a guarantee just cannot be responsibly made. We estimate that our research is roughly 80% to 95% effective at locating all accounts.

Should you hire us to conduct asset related intelligence research? The answer is yes, but only if you understand all of the above. Only if you understand that cheap approaches limit resources and in no way benefits you.

Please send us an email if you would like some guiding numbers regarding costs of this kind of research. Every case is different and there is always an unknown volume of labor amount, but we can give you some guides so that you can more easily decide if the investment is justifiable given the amount of judgment or claim.