Prudential Associates specializes in all aspects of corporate intelligence acquisition, security crisis response, sensitive due diligence inquiries, intelligence analysis, risk assessment, security surveys, executive protection, and crisis management. Headquartered just outside Washington, DC, Prudential Associates’ operation is global in scope, utilizing an international network of highly experienced security specialists and investigators. These exceptionally qualified professionals are recognized experts in their respective fields and are particularly adept in the efficient and effective gathering of accurate risk assessment information and intelligence.

Prudential Associates’ crisis response network consists of professionals from various law enforcement, intelligence, and military organizations, both in the United States and overseas. Many of these professionals include:

Former FBI Special Agents with hands-on experience involving kidnapping, illegal detention, malicious product tampering and extortion, as well as violent crime, organized crime, and counter-terrorism.

Former officials of the CIA, State Department, and Defense Department who are well-versed in all aspects of international crime and terrorism.

Former senior law enforcement and military officials, many of whom are multi-lingual, who bring to the firm extensive experience in executive protection, due diligence investigations, and proper handling of cases involving kidnapping, extortion, and international terrorism.

We have assembled an outstanding team of true professionals with the knowledge, experience and ability to provide solutions that control risks. The practical experience, as well as the research and analytical expertise of our multi-disciplinary team assures our clients of the best possible advice and service. Furthermore, it is our policy to protect the identity of our clients and to perform all assignments with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our solution implementation activities are conducted in a prudent, responsible and cost-effective manner with a firm command of logic and reason.

Internal Security Investigations

Prudential Associates identifies culprits of waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in large corporations and small businesses.

Due Diligence Investigations

Prudential Associates provides business intelligence to assist with issues relating to merger and acquisition, compliance, and performance verification.

Crisis Management/Response & Risk Mitigation

Prudential Associates conducts risk assessment, contingency planning, operational planning, and crisis response services for our clients. We do not just consult in the planning stage, but we are also there to address an emergency when it occurs. Our worldwide network of intelligence agents and security professionals gives us the ability to respond quickly with local intelligence and resources.

Executive Protection Operations

Prudential Associates provides personal protection services for business executives, celebrities, political figures, and high net worth/high profile individuals. We facilitate secure, expedited travel and provide overt/covert event security anywhere in the world.

Security Awareness Programs

Prudential Associates conducts employee training to increase security awareness and security compliance in companies to safeguard information, personnel and other assets.

Undercover Operations

Prudential Associates engages in the use of trained undercover operatives to identify violations of company policy, to identify persons whose actions are contrary to those of our client and to identify programs, policies, and procedures that are against our clients’ proprietary interests.

Security Surveys

Prudential Associates conducts security surveys to identify those things that add to our clients’ liability and makes recommendations to reduce or eliminate those liabilities.

Counter-Intelligence Operations

Prudential Associates designs and runs operations to identify counter-intelligence weaknesses, identify insiders and/or outsiders engaged in intelligence gathering targeting our clients, and implements programs to “harden the target.”

Background Investigations

Prudential Associates conducts pre-employment, pre-litigation, and other types of background investigations.

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