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Prudential Associates has conducted thousands of domestic investigations, most of which focus on documenting adulterous activity or evidence relating to child custody issues. Surveillance is the primary tactic utilized in domestic matters. There are, however, strategic considerations, and effective case management must include a comprehensive plan based upon the precise legal, reasonably obtainable evidence, and correct documentation procedures.

Our Agents have executed domestic investigations and surveillance operations so effectively that the highest paid legal experts regularly stake their reputations on our work product and integrity. Think about what they are risking when they march into legal battle if they are offering evidence improperly collected, incompletely researched, or fabricated. The reality is that expensive, recognized lawyers do not take those risks. They employ and recommend firms like ours who have done this work for decades and with expertise not found elsewhere.

Clients hire our domestic investigation & surveillance teams to:

  • Prove adultery
  • Document cohabitation to support modification of alimony or support payment motions
  • Document child neglect, abuse, or endangerment
  • Determine a person’s level of competency
  • Verify someone’s activities to insure consistency with claims
  • Provide security during retrieval of property from spouse’s residence
  • Provide security (overtly or discreet) during visitation or meeting
  • Recover or remove property pursuant to court order
  • Conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweeps for listening or video devices

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