Criminal Investigations

Prudential Associates conducts investigations to determine the person(s) who have committed crimes against our clients.

Civil Investigations

Prudential Associates conducts investigations to determine facts of value to our clients’ civil litigations.

Qui Tam (False Claim Act) Investigations

Prudential Associates conducts Qui Tam investigations to determine the veracity of claims made utilizing the False Claims Act. Our clients have included realtors (plaintiff) and corporations (defense).

Interviews & Statements

Prudential Associates conducts interviews and obtain statements (recorded or written) from witnesses. PA uses interrogation techniques to elicit confessions from perpetrators of criminal activity or other malfeasance.

Financial Assets Investigations

Prudential Associates conducts financial assets investigations to determine the assets of corporations, businesses, and individuals.

Investigations to Locate Persons

Prudential Associates locates persons (to include Defendants, Plaintiffs, Witnesses, loved ones, debtors, etc.) around the nation and around the world.

Expert Witness Research

Prudential Associates researches expert witnesses information to locate the appropriate expert witness for our clients or to determine the bona fides of the experts utilized by opposing counsel.

Domestic Law Investigations and Surveillance

Prudential Associates conducts surveillances and investigations to determine and document evidence regarding issues relating to adultery, child custody, and child support.

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