People frequently call and ask “Do you do locates” or “Can you find someone?”. The short answer is yes; however, there is more to the question than most people realize. Finding a person is a type of investigation, and yes, we do that kind of investigation. We can “find” anyone. The question is how long will it take and is there a sufficient budget to support the effort and the expense of the resources necessary.

All of our investigative work is conducted at the hourly rate of $85.00, $0.85 per mile, plus expenses. The prevalence of cheap flat-rate “locates” being sold online has convinced potential Clients that this type of investigation should always be priced at a flat rate, and it should be very low, under $100 for example. The problem, and the purveyors of the cheap solutions don’t tell you that they only succeed a very limited percentage of the time. Also, one needs to define what success is when you seek to “find someone”. The point-and-click solutions will tell you that they have “found” someone and provide you with an address, and then they charge your credit card, period. Will you be fooled to believe that they went out to the address and saw the subject there on the front step? Of course you won’t be. So what does this mean that they “found” the person?. It means that they found an address where they THINK the person can be found. Maybe they are right,….maybe not, and often they are not.

You see, to us, “finding someone” entails more than looking up a database record and charging your credit card. It means determining the CURRENT address and verifying the location as the correct address at which he/she resides or is employed. We are NOT a seller of cheap, flat rate locates. We are professional investigators and intelligence acquisition operatives.

So, how long does it take and how much does it cost? The answer is: We don’t know. How can anyone, without clairvoyance, know how long an investigation is going to take and what it will cost? They can’t; however, since we have performed 1,000’s of them, we can provide some statistical information to guide you (and us in how we establish retainer amounts).

Most “locate” investigations conducted at our hourly rate of $85.00 plus mileage at $0.85 and expenses, end up costing between $300.00 and $500.00, some less, some more. Our retainer for this kind of work is $350.00, which we bill against at the above rates. There is absolutely NO guarantee that your subject will be located for any specific amount, only that we will expend skilled, good faith efforts, provide honest accounting, and make use of the best resources that exist as we execute the task. If your matter turns out to be a particularly difficult one, we will consult with you and provide services in stages so that you have decision points along the way that allow for expansion of the budget as needed. You will not provide a $350.00 retainer and then turn around and be billed $2,000.00 with no consultation as to why the matter is requiring greater time and effort expenditure than originally anticipated.

We provide verified and correct information consistent with what we have practiced during almost 40 years of service to individual Clients, corporate Clients, and attorneys. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to arrange a consultation.