Since our founding, Prudential Associates has provided consulting, including but not limited to expert witness services and litigation support, to thousands of clients.

Prudential Associates’ forensic examiners have testified as expert witnesses in state and federal courts. Additionally, Prudential Associates’ have authored numerous written declarations and affidavits, participated in hundreds of depositions, and provided expert guidance to counsel in crafting legal motions and court orders.

To provide clients with an unparalleled level of service, Prudential Associates has subject matter experts and former field professionals that can perform an array of types of analysis and investigations. If you, a client, and/or counsel need support with active litigation or specific consulting to determine legal remedies, our experts are ready to go to work for you.

This also applies to data recovery from logical damage, which consists of files that have been erased from a device or lost due to a corrupted file system. Our experts use specialized software to retrieve a portion, if not all, of the data that has been lost.

Prudential Associates utilizes proper legal techniques to collect electronic data and mine forensic evidence. For more information, contact Prudential Associates Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics in Rockville, MD.

Litigation Support Consulting