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Network Vulnerability Assessments

Performing Network Vulnerability Assessments in Maryland, Washington, D.C., And Virginia

A security plan usually starts with a network vulnerability assessment to identify both the weaknesses and strengths of your business’ network.

Not patching weaknesses will leave your network open to data intruders and data breaches which significantly affect your organization’s reputation or business network.

What Is a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

A network vulnerability assessment reviews and analyzes an organization’s network infrastructure to find cybersecurity and network security vulnerabilities. Assessments can be carried out manually and by using vulnerability assessment software. It helps identify security flaws in the network before cybercriminals exploit them.

A network vulnerability assessment uncovers security issues and vulnerabilities that might compromise the network’s overall business operations, security, and privacy. Ultimately, a solid network vulnerability assessment will help update and shape your security policy and leave your business or organization better protected against data breaches and security risks.

The Difference Between Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests

Vulnerability assessments should not be confused with penetration tests (also known as pen tests), which simulate a cyber-attack. A penetration test typically focuses on firewalls and their vulnerabilities. It attempts to gain access to your computer systems via phishing emails, malware attacks, or other tactics to install malware – just like an attacker.

A vulnerability assessment is usually done to uncover various security weaknesses and unpatched vulnerabilities. Penetration testing typically combines automated and manual techniques to help delve further into the vulnerabilities to gain access to the network in a controlled environment like an attacker.

The Network Vulnerability Assessment Process:

There are several steps of a vulnerability assessment – some of those steps are described below:

Discovery: The discovery process starts with identifying assets that are part of a company  network. Many companies are surprised about the number and types of devices on their networks!

Scanning: Our team uses vulnerability scanning tools for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on endpoints such as computers, laptops, and shared servers.

Validation:  We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment to determine your specific risk factors and assess the likelihood of a successful attack on your system.

Documentation/Reporting: Complete documentation of every step of the network vulnerability assessment report, including a remediation and mitigation plan for the prioritization of your network safety. We can also create an ongoing strategy that detects internal threats, and regularly tests for different types of vulnerabilities.

Trust Us with Your Network Vulnerability Assessment

Our network vulnerability scan is used to help you develop a comprehensive security plan for your network . A periodic vulnerability assessment analyzes your environment to maintain the security of your network as hardware is added and software is updated or replaced.

You must make network vulnerability management a continuous process rather than a one-time experience.

Our services will help keep your business safe and secure from hackers and data breaches. Feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your network vulnerability needs and solutions.