Off-Duty Police as Security

ALL of our Security “guards” are actually off-duty Police Officers authorized to provide security services. We do not provide non-Police security guards.

Our security staff and the project managers we deploy are selected from tested, proven, dependable, specially trained groups. We do not just assign whichever officer is available that day. We take great pride in our reputation for assigning the right people who feel personally responsible at all times for providing the best level of service. We want the performance of our duties to make a statement, not just about our standards, but that of our Clients for having selected us to be of service. You as a Client want officers who present themselves professionally, respectfully, and capably, and you want that from them at all times whether they are being directly supervised or not. That’s why you want OUR proven, higher-tier professionals and risk managers.

We provide off-duty Police Officer security in all U.S. states/cities/counties in which it is legal to do so and permissible by their departmental policies. Call or email us to check availability in your jurisdiction.

Our area of highest deployment currently is Montgomery County, Maryland; however, we have ongoing operations across the United States and overseas.

PRUDENTIAL Associates provides ongoing contracted (Police) security staff with vehicles for deployments of not less than 30 days, preferably under annual contract. No single event deployment unless 5 or more officers are required.