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Services and Solutions Provided by Sworn, Currently Active Law Enforcement Professionals

Executive Protection – Real police, right where you need them, without the response-time wait.

Armed Transport & Drivers

  • Support of personnel who do not qualify for DSS / USSS protection, such as Corporate officers.
  • Peace of mind in an ever-changing world, with a low-profile setting.
  • Professionalism, tactical / problem-solving capability, and discretion.
  • Trained in emergency driving, route planning, and firearm use.
  • Teams available from one-man units to multiple personnel.
  • Vehicles available, if needed.
  • Ability to coordinate with local law enforcement and security details.
  • Pre-arrival site visits and preparation services available.
  • High security, multi-vehicle transport, and logistics.

Off-Duty Police as Security Staff: When you must terminate an employee, do you feel comfortable with just civilian staff present? If something bad happens, would you rather “observe and report” or have a trained professional nearby who can take immediate action? Prudential Associates employs highly-trained, hand-picked professional officers who are discreet, possess exemplary interpersonal skills, and can take immediate action in cases of emergency. Our staff can quickly learn the floorplan of your facility and help responding officers mitigate any threat.

police cars

Why you need us:

  1. The average police response time to an active shooter is 3-4 minutes. How many lives may be lost in that time? Our staff can take immediate action and summon/coordinate law enforcement’s help via radio.
  2. There are key moments when an emergency can be averted/prevented if it becomes known that law enforcement staff are already on scene. There are also numerous actions that law enforcement professionals can take to prevent certain incidents or emergencies from occurring. Our highly-trained staff can take these actions, which private security guards cannot.
  3. Choose any one of the recent headlines of workplace violence or active shooter instances with significant death tolls, and imagine how different the outcomes could have been if there were professional law enforcement officials present ahead of time. Imagine the families who would not have had to cope with the loss of a loved one. Imagine that story with a smaller number of lives lost, or perhaps none. Our solutions can make that kind of a difference – the most significant difference imaginable for some families.
  4. The world is a perilous place, and we are far too often confronted with news of violent events. These threats exist, and some would argue that they are increasing (e.g., terrorism, workplace violence, domestic violence, gang crime, drug-related homicide, etc.). Without exception, potential victims (many completely defenseless) stand a greater chance of survival the faster professional, highly-trained law enforcement staff arrive. YOU can make sure that we are already there.
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