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Our Most Interesting Adultery Cases

People are often disappointed to find that most adultery investigations are not as exciting or outrageous as inquiring minds would like. With infamous cases in the news involving politicians and celebrities splashed across the newsstands every week, the public is always after the unusual and sensational adultery stories.

While most cases involve staking out a husband who is lying about working late or a wife who fibs about a spa weekend, we have worked through a few scandalous cases that are more memorable and bizarre than others.

Case #1 – Cheating in the Park

Sometimes, adultery investigations can take our associates by surprise when the suspected spouse does little to nothing to hide their extramarital affair. There was one circumstance in which we were hired by a Bethesda gentleman to investigate his wife, who was in her 60’s, which he suspected of having an affair.

Jared Stern, a private investigator, followed the couple to a public park busy with families and children on a Sunday afternoon. Given the surroundings, you would not expect to witness any inappropriate behavior, but sure enough, Stern was able to capture the woman sexually fondling her older companion on videotape.

Other memorable adultery cases include:

  • A Bethesda woman hired a private investigator to follow her husband, who she suspected of having an affair with her sister. One of our investigators was able to prove that the man was committing adultery, only the affair was not with his sister-in-law; it was with his mother-in-law.
  • Over a two-year period, our investigators found one Bethesda woman to be the “other woman” in three completely separate adultery cases.
  • A Kensington man hired our firm after suspecting his wife of adultery. Our investigators were shocked to find that not only was the woman working as a prostitute, but she was running a prostitution ring that earned more than ten times her husband’s yearly income.
  • A husband hired our detectives to conduct an investigation of his wife, years after hiring a different firm to investigate her previously. Our investigators found evidence that she was having an extramarital affair with the detective that had been hired during the previous investigation.

Every adultery case is unique, and sometimes the results can be quite unexpected. Sometimes we are glad to find the adultery accusations are completely false, while sometimes the results are more shocking than anticipated, such as a husband suspected of having a girlfriend, who was really having an affair with a male co-worker. As an adultery private investigator, you have to be ready for every possible outcome.

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