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Paralegal Services

From Prudential Associates Serving MD, VA & DC

Prudential Associates Paralegal Services provide litigation support as needed for each of our client categories.

Please note that our trained and highly experienced investigative paralegals are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice or engage in the practice of law. However, they do provide comprehensive specialized support services for a wide range of court case types.

Our paralegals bring their extensive experience to bear on each case, regardless of complexity, to present the necessary evidence with thoroughness and clarity to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

paralegal prudential services

Services include:

  • Complete Case review and analysis to identify elements that best support the case
  • Legal and factual research relevant to aid in your case
  • FOIA and other information requests
  • Discovery management, trial preparation and comprehensive trial and hearing presentation services, both in person and virtually.
  • Full range of file preparation services for litigation, mediation, arbitration, and settlement negotiations.
  • Complete trial video services, from deposition video to day in the life video storytelling, and other critical technological services
  • Identifying and engaging Expert Witnesses as appropriate

Our paralegals utilize the most commonly used litigation support platforms such as:

  • Lexis CaseMap and TimeMap for factual chronology reporting
  • CaseFleet which allows shared access with the client to chronologies for collaborative projects
  • TrialPad and ExhibitView along with DocReviewPad, TranscriptPad, and TranscriptPro
  • Timeline Maker Pro and Office Timeline Pro for legal timelines
  • RFFlow and Relavint Desktop for link analysis charts
  • Input Ace, Motion DSP, Investigative Video Editor, Surveillance to USBCellebrite Reader for Digital Forensics Review
  • JusticeText for video review
  • Cellhawk for Call Detail Record and Location Analysis
  • PdfDocs and PDFClerk for creating digital trial notebooks and reports
  • Many other tools for e-discovery, OSINT, and litigation presentation
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