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Passcode Break Service

For Most iPhone & Apple Computer Passwords

Are you locked out of an Apple iPhone or Computer?

If you’ve tried all the Apple recommended tips or searching the internet looking for a workaround from true professionals, we can help.

As part of our industry-leading digital forensic services, our professional Passcode Breaking Service can crack most passwords in as little as a few days, depending on the complexity.

Please note, this is a professional service offered for legitimate and legal access reasons only.

Customers, company, attorneys or law enforcement must have a firm legal basis and authority to request the service and must sign documents attesting to this.

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Cases for Passcode Breaking

There are many instances in which you may need to break into an Apple device to create a new password including:

  • The computer or iPhone is yours and you cannot reset the password through any of the normal recommended methods
  • The computer or iPhone is the property of your company and an employee or contractor has changed the device settings, preventing your company from accessing or using the device
  • The computer or iPhone has been corrupted by malware, a virus or other hacking method
  • The computer or iPhone is considered evidence in a legal matter

As long as your access requirements are legitimate and legal, we can help you restore access to your device with our professional service.

Is Your Service Guaranteed?

We are unable to guarantee the success of password cracking before beginning the process. However, fees are partially discounted if we are unsuccessful.

How Long Does It Take?

The time-frame for cracking can range from just a few days to months depending on the complexity of the prior passcode. See graphic below for information on time-frames.

Other Important Details

  • The phone/device must power on and be undamaged
  • The phone/device cannot be inaccessible due to too many incorrect password attempts
  • Password breaking may cause battery damage. Customer assumes all risks.

Service Fee: $2,995

Note – if, during the process, a client wants to cease the process and have the phone shipped back, a refund of deposit minus a $1,500 service fee will be refunded.

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