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According to the TSA, plain clothes, armed Air Marshalls still fly daily on domestic and international flights. Their presence provides safety that blends in seamlessly with the environment so that travelers can enjoy their flight without the distracting reminder of potential danger.

Now this same level of protection is available for your mall, shopping center or other commercial space via Prudential Associates. Our “Air Marshalls on the Ground” security solution provides unparalleled protection against active shooter situations in particular.  Our highly-trained and professional security staff ensure a safe environment for your customers and employees.  We have provided a variety of unarmed and armed security services for over 35 years.  Now, in a world where response time of seconds instead of minutes to an active shooter situation means lives saved, armed and highly skilled protection is a meaningful investment for your business.

Emergency Response Times in Seconds,

NOT minutes or hours

By choosing Prudential Associates as your security partner, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Emergency response times in seconds, not minutes or hours, giving you peace of mind in a world where every second counts
  • A professional and skilled security team that is trained to handle high-stress, life-threatening situations with efficiency and composure
  • A multi-tiered security approach tailored to your unique needs, from discreet plain clothes armed security staff to off-duty police officers
  • Enhanced safety and security measures that instill confidence and trust in your customers and employees, fostering a positive and inviting atmosphere


Our “Air Marshalls on the Ground”:

Two tiers of Armed Protection

Armed Professional Security Staff

Our armed professional security staff members are stationed at strategic locations within your facility. These experienced individuals are trained to neutralize threats and minimize harm, and can most effectively communicate to law enforcement via 911 if needed.

Off-Duty Police Officers

To further enhance your establishment’s safety, we offer the option to employ off-duty police officers as part of our security team. These officers bring their expertise and authority to the table, ensuring the most effective response to any critical situation that may arise. In addition, they carry police radios, eliminating the delay of a 911 call.

Armed Security for Gatherings and Events

The same service package is customizable for gatherings and events to ensure the security and safety of the attendees.  We can work in conjunction with other event and venue security personnel to provide full coverage throughout, whether it be an outdoor speech, large private gathering or concert.

The Prudential Difference:

We include Liability Coverage


The importance of proper liability insurance cannot be overstated. Police officers have liability insurance coverage with their Police Department. Often contrary to property owner’s assumptions, that protection does not extend to the times those same officers are acting outside the capacity of their employment with the Department.  Many commercial property management companies unknowingly expose themselves and the officers to significant risks by not ensuring proper insurance coverage.

Worse, many security companies themselves are not paying for the robust insurance coverage necessary to protect themselves or you, the client organization. If an incident occurs while the officer is working as a security guard, the property owner may be held responsible for any damages, injuries, or other liabilities. This could lead to costly lawsuits and settlements, not to mention the negative impact on the company’s reputation.

When off-duty police officers work for a security guard agency with proper insurance coverage, their roles are clearly defined. As private security personnel, they are subject to the agency’s policies, procedures, and regulations, creating a distinct separation from their duties as police officers. This clear separation helps avoid potential conflicts of interest and ensures that both the property owner and the officer are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Partnering with an insured security guard agency mitigates these risks and provides a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.  Don’t leave your security needs to chance. Choose an insured security guard agency and provide the protection that both your off-duty police officers and property deserve.  Invest in the safety and security of your commercial space with Prudential Associates, the premier choice for proactive and reliable protection.

Our team of security experts will work with you to develop a customized plan that fits your specific needs.

Contact us to see how we can help secure and protect your commercial space or large event.


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