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Polygraph Testing

From Prudential Associates Serving Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC

Prudential Associates offers polygraph tests for anyone who may need them throughout our service area which includes Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC.

If you must know the truth about a matter or prove your integrity to another party, a polygraph test, otherwise known as a lie detector test, should help everyone involved get to the bottom of the matter.

The testing is conducted professionally at all times by analyzing and measuring the reactions of an individual without causing pain, guaranteeing to be both private and confidential.We are devoted to keeping your lie detector exam simple and friendly while maintaining professional standards and integrity.

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How it Works

The scientific examination collects a variety of physiological data from a subject so their reactions can be compared to those associated with engaging in deception. There are actually three or more human body systems that are monitored during the lie detector test, which are then screened for signs of dishonesty.

Reasons for Polygraph Testing

Nearly every lie detector test is given to find the true answer to one specific, albeit critical, question. That said, polygraphs are used to find those answers in multiple situations and many law enforcement agencies utilize the polygraph.

Here are just a few of the most common:

IMG 18241. Criminal Investigations 

Law enforcement professionals in the midst of solving crimes may employ the assistance of polygraph tests. Lie detectors can either exonerate suspects or help lead to arrests. After all, when it comes to matters like murder, missing persons, domestic abuse, theft, and sexual abuse allegations, there is a tremendous amount of “he said/she said” statements. Polygraphs can clear up any ambiguity between accounts of events.

2. Court Cases 

Attorneys use polygraph exams to aid in divorces, child custody cases, breaches of contract, and other civil law matters. Whether preparing for court, a hearing, arbitration, mediation, or a deposition, lie detector tests give clients extra credibility.

3. Pre-employment Screenings 

In the private sector, polygraphs are utilized by businesses who are exempt from EPPA. Employers can request or recommend an employee take a polygraph (if suspected or theft) but cannot require them to take one. 

Both private businesses and government agencies can benefit from a polygraph screening of potential new hires. This will assuage any fears the employer may have about the possibility of falsehoods on an applicant’s resume. Also, the lie detector can confirm that the person has no prior criminal charges or history of drug use if that is what he or she claims.

4. Internal Issues

Suppose an organization is conducting an internal investigation of a matter that has occurred in the workplace. In that case, polygraph tests can be used to learn who is responsible in a given situation or who is telling the truth. Such circumstances may include sexual harassment allegations, insurance fraud, internal theft, or embezzlement.

5. Secret Addictions

If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction or has dealt with one in the past and you fear they have relapsed, you may want to know if you are being lied to. Whether your loved one is addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, pornography, or vice, a lie detector test can tell you precisely what is happening.

6. Cheating Partners 

If your partner is secretive with their phone or is all of a sudden working late, you may suspect them of having an affair. A polygraph exam can uncover any indiscretion your husband or wife (or boyfriend or girlfriend) committed or will prove your spouse’s (or partner’s) innocence, so you can stop worrying.


The cost of polygraph examinations can vary greatly depending on numerous factors including but not limited to; time requirement for conducting the exam, type of issue being explored, number of questions necessary and other factors. A general range for polygraph examination cost is $450-$750; however, there are exams that exceed that upper-level depending on aforementioned factors.

We Can Help You Learn the Truth

At Prudential Associates, certified and trained professionals administer our lie detector exams. We offer our clients personal polygraph tests near you with a super-quick 48-hour turnaround time. Call us today to discuss pricing and arrange an exam for your purposes.

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