Problems with Apple’s Mobile Devices and Malware

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September 23, 2013
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October 7, 2013
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Problems with Apple’s Mobile Devices and Malware

Maybe you’ve seen the recent movie “Jobs” in the theaters which tells the story of Apple computers? Apple is certainly one of the most powerful and wealthiest companies in the world. They create products that give the perception of being the best, and they have a remarkable marketing team that can make people believe they need to have one of these products, whether it is a MacBook, an iPod, an iPhone, or nearly any of their other products.

However, that is not to say they are without their own set of problems, as much as Apple would like you to believe they are trouble free.

Are Macs and Other Apple Products Safer than PCs?

One of the things you will likely hear from fans of Apple is that their machines are superior to PCs or Androids in nearly every way. The Apple devotees will explain how much faster and better their machines are, and how much more reliable they are. Click here to weigh in on that conversation.

While no one doubts that Apple makes a great product, people do still need to make sure they are careful with their products, and that means getting virus and malware protection.

Many Apple fans do not believe they need any antivirus protection since Mac has a reputation as being a virus free platform.  But one of the reasons the machines were safe was because fewer people were using them. It made far more sense for the hackers to learn methods of getting at PC users simply because there were so many more of those machines in the world.

This is changing though, and it is changing rapidly. It was only about a year ago that Apple faced a huge malware outbreak. Called Flashback, this Trojan was able to get into and infect more than half a million Macs, and quite a few of those Macs were in the United States.

One of the reasons the Macs and other devices are vulnerable is because, even though third parties are fixing holes in their own software, Apple wants to release their own patches for the third party products. They feel as though they want to have more control, but this is putting more and more machines at risk every day.

It is always difficult to get much information from Apple when it comes to security issues. Many who are in the computer security field even have trouble understanding what goes on behind the scenes at Apple. Even though they have a relatively good record when it comes to security, things really do need a change at Apple.

Many Users Do Not Know What to Do

Since many users of Macs are sure they are in no danger of getting a virus, they feel as though they do not need to worry about getting antivirus or malware software for their devices. As times change, the need for quality protection software will grow. Apple should take the time now to develop more than merely better security hidden behind their wall of silence on the matter.

They may want to open up about security issues and talk with their customers about the need for antivirus programs, even on a Mac. Since many people who own Macs have never had to use a virus program before, they might be in need for a bit of education on the matter. A number of good programs are on the market for keeping Macs free of viruses. It is about time owners started to use them.

If Apple does not take steps to improve their overall security, and if malware and virus attacks continue to grow on Mac, Apple could see the wrath of many disgruntled customers who decide to take their business elsewhere with future purchases.