PRUDENTIAL Associates offers two levels of social media and Internet activity research. Very simply, the levels differ in terms of how much labor is expended in gathering and/or analyzing social media and Internet activity related to a particular subject. Descriptions of each level and how they differ are as follows; please read them carefully so that you can decide which level would best serve your purposes.

  1. Level one social media and Internet activity research consists of PRUDENTIAL Associates gathering all obtainable and accessible social media material and web-based information by or about a subject and providing it to client in an organized manner; however, the results will be un-analyzed. A subject is defined as a person or corporation. Online venues from which information is gathered can consist of material from, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, MySpace, and a multitude of other blogging and general World Wide Web sites, including publicly accessible database resources with web-based portal access.
  2. Level two social media and Internet activity research consists of all activities listed in level one, as well as exhaustive and careful analysis of all material gathered. This analysis includes searching for topics or writings consistent with a search criteria specified by the client in the assignment. Common criteria could consist of writings by the subject of a hostile/threatening nature, racially inflammatory material, material alluding to or advocating criminal or other inappropriate activity, writings or material indicating association by the subject with groups or organizations with views inconsistent with, or counter to, the public’s best interests. Other search criteria could include identifying any posting by the subject of material which could be considered proprietary or owned by others and inappropriate for disclosure by the subject in public forum, writing, or material in citing others to act in manners and consistent with public norms and accepted behaviors, and/or writings or material inconsistent with representations made by the subject to the client company (lies, falsehoods, fraudulent representations). This is a labor-intensive project when related to just about any subject with any online presence, and in some cases can be an extremely labor-intensive and costly project when online material posted by or about a subject is voluminous.

Disclaimer: No social media or Internet activity research is guaranteed to be 100% complete and to have documented every single mention of or by a given subject. The vastness and nearly infinite number of repositories of data connected to the Internet make it impossible for such a guarantee to honestly be made by a provider of such research. Therefor no such representation is made by PRUDENTIAL Associates, nor should it be interpreted from any service description or verbal communication with our company representatives.