Prudential Associates Takes Mobile Forensics to the Next Level

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August 28, 2013
UFED Touch Mobile Forensics Device now at Prudential Associates
September 5, 2013
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Prudential Associates Takes Mobile Forensics to the Next Level

Mobile devices have become an integral part of most company infrastructures. Employers will occasionally supply their employees with company phones or tablets, but more frequently, businesses are opting to use bring your own device (BYOD) systems.

With changing dependence on mobile devices, mobile security threats are also evolving. At Prudential Associates, we upgraded our mobile forensics tools and solutions to meet these new challenges.

How Does BYOD Affect Mobile Security?

Any time employees are able to access the company network and data from their own mobile devices, there is a risk that sensitive information may make it into the wrong hands. This risk exists when company phones are used, and becomes more substantial within a BYOD network, as various devices are frequently connecting to the system and are more difficult to track.

SC Magazine illustrates many different ways that company information could be lost or leaked due to mobile devices:

  • The device could be lost or stolen – especially under a BYOD system, the employee may be hesitant to report a lost or stolen device, or they may be using a device that cannot be wiped remotely.
  • Appropriate anti-malware safeguards may not be in place – certain types of mobile devices are especially vulnerable to malware, viruses and/or hacking.
  • Access controls on the device may not be well protected – a device with automated login credentials, for example, may compromise sensitive information.

Not only could any of these factors cause mobile security threats to your organization, but also they can be very difficult to detect and track. A significant amount of time can pass, and a lot of costly damage could occur, before you are ever aware that a problem is present.

Years of Experience Meet Advanced Forensics Technology

Prudential Associates has always had the advantage of having highly skilled and knowledgeable private investigators that have plenty of experience in the field digital forensics. We have taken this advantage to the next level by investing in state-of-the-art Cellebrite mobile forensics technology. Cellebrite leads this industry in terms of creating forensic devices that are powerful, portable and effective.

Our investigators are now able to combine their first hand experience and expertise with the UFED Touch Ultimate mobile forensics device in order to benefit from features and functions that include:

  • Reverse phone detective – The reverse phone detective acts somewhat as a cell phone tracker. This feature makes it possible to identify any mobile device using only a few of the phone’s attributes, and can be of great use in BYOD security circumstances.
  • UFED Physical Analyzer – The analyzer is the pivotal application within the UFED Touch Ultimate. This incredibly powerful feature makes it possible for our investigators to quickly extract, analyze, decode and report data from mobile devices, including files that have been deleted and/or fragmented.
  • Reporting Findings – Prudential Associates has always shined when it comes to professionally and accurately reporting mobile forensics findings. However, Cellebrite technology has made this process much faster and easier. With the help of the UFED Reader, our investigators can generate reports that make it possible to quickly share important findings with authorized personnel, attorneys or the court.

Everything You Need to Ensure Mobile Security

Whether you are concerned that you may be the victim of cell phone spying, or if you believe that malicious information sharing is taking place within your organization, Prudential Associates provides superior mobile forensics services in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia that you can use to quickly identify and address your toughest mobile security challenges.